Troubling Trend: Steroid Use on the Rise

It’s a trend, or let us say craze, in men to have a beefed up body giving the look of a boxer. Surely it can be achieved with gym and training exercise but some people go one step ahead and feed their bodies on Anabolic Steroids – the artificial beefers – without knowing their unwanted and harmful effects.

This stuff is common, the steroids, and most of the men already know where it is available from. To make the matter worse, it is easily and economically available. Chances are, you might have been approached by the sellers in your gym, training institutes or peer group and the desire to turn overnight into a beefed-up giant might tempt you, but always make an informed decision. Is the stuff good for your body? You need to ask yourself because after all you do not want to feed your body the artificial boosters that are damaging in the long run, do you?

Before I tell you the harmful effects of Anabolic Steroids, remember do not fall for the things that say,

  • It’s safe or
  • Side-effect free or
  • A real doctor prescribed me or
  • Don’t worry about the side-effects, they are temporary

No it is not! Let your best judgment take over.

Do you know that?

1. Steroids are prescription drugs that are illegal if you use them without a doctor’s recommendation?

You can get in serious trouble if you are found with the stuff that is not legit. If you are smart, you won’t fall for the temptation.

2. Long term use of Steroids is harmful for your body?

While the short term use of steroids can boost your muscles within days and give you the much coveted hulk look, the long term damages are plenty and abound in the form of heart disease, erectile dysfunction, impotence, reduced sperm count, painful urination, liver disease and breast development along with testicle shrinking.

3. Steroid use becomes evident on your body within days?

Apart from feeling bulked-up, you will experience aggressive behavior, purple or red spots on your body, swelling and/or trembling in your limbs along with acne bout and a peculiar body odor.

Remember if you are persistent and continue with gym training, you will achieve the desired body shape one day. Haste makes waste might be an old saying but it makes perfect sense even today. Do not expose your body to chemicals that do more damage than good. Eat healthy and exercise – the key to good healthy body and mind. That’s what you need and not Steroids.

Steroid use is on the rise. You might have been approached to buy Anabolic Steroids at gym etc. but before you get tempted & swayed, read their harmful effects to make an informed decision.

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