Seil Bag Puts Customizable Turn Signals on Your Backpack

Cycle is the oldest mode of transportation. With fast growing vehicles, impatient drivers and fast cars, it is dangerous for cyclists to ride on the road. It is not safe to use your arms for turning or stopping intention. Besides these problems, there are a plenty of problems faced by cyclists regularly. Cyclists want to notify others on road like indicators in other vehicles because unfortunately there is no way to know that what cyclists want to do as there is no signaling system in cycles. Accidents are on the rise and safety is the main concern of many cyclists. For cyclist safety, here is the solution of their problems called SIEL (Save Enjoy Interact Light) LED. This is a special kind of backpack with signaling system which illuminates lights and make cycling safer on road. Seil bag is the integration of style, quality and technology that prevents vehicular casualties on roads.

Seil bag is lighting system for cyclists that help in indication of turns, stop and want to draw attention on road.  Now you can warn other riders on roads by this signaling system. The interesting thing about Siel Led is that you don’t have to mount it on cycle’s saddle post. Seil lead is attached in backpack and puts customizable turn signals. The light illuminate through fabric of backpack and everyone easily comes to know what you are actually planning whether you want to turn left or right or something else.

The indications illuminated on backpack indicate traffic signals such as stop, sorry, left and right arrows and emergency markings. The cyclists control information and convey their message by LED light illuminating on bag through detachable wireless controller fitted to their handlebars. The commands to LED lights are sends via Bluetooth or by using smart phone app. Displays are trigger by using wireless controller and can be edited via an Android app. An android smart phone app can be used to design the customs signals, text messages or images which can be animated too. Alerts like stop or emergency are showed by pressing buttons on the top.

The Seil bag comprises of a grid of water resistant LED lights that is mounted on flexible PBC. A rechargeable battery is also built in Seil bag for a little over half a day of operation on a full charge. There are two sizes of batteries available. One is a 23 X 9 grid with a 3,500 ah battery and the second is a 15 X 9 grid with a 2,700 ah battery. The most important the display light is flexible and also waterproof.    

With Seil bag, you have no fear of stealing of bag. The SEIL bag has an empty weight of 29 oz including five inner pockets with the capacity of 25 liters. The bag is very stylish and functional. It has a lot of capacity to put several things in one bag. SEIL has a head pocket that is big enough to hold wallet and some small commonly used accessories such as pens. You can also put 13 inch notebook in SEIL bag.

The Seil bag is currently seeking and raising funding through Kickstarter. The price of Seil LED is 149 dollars along with a pouch bag.

It is functional and helps you in controlling information and delivering to other vehicle riders that what you are actually planning in the form of illuminating lights. So now, cycling is the safer mode of transportation on roads with signaling lights.

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