Men’s Spa Guide

Spa is a practice that was previously practiced by women unless recently men added this privilege to their list of activities. Most men consider this to be an odd practice and consider it to be an embarrassment for men to go for a spa. This is not true however. Men need spa just like women need it as it is one of the best ways to be relaxed and stress free while maintaining one’s self. It is in fact one of the best ways to have your face, feet hands and body toned up, as many men don’t get enough time to look after themselves during their hectic routine.

Arriving Early:

 It is advisable to arrive 20 – 30 minutes beforehand of a spa. That way, men can also enjoy some of the other relaxing facilities offered by the spa parlors. Also arriving beforehand allows you to take some time out of your daily hectic life and feel relieved and stress-free, so that you are fully concentrating to your spa activity. Also if offered, do take a steam bath before a spa to make the effect more lasting. Any other fitness room activity or pre spa treatment that is being offered, don’t hesitate to go for it and make full use of your time out of your hectic daily life.

Cellphone Shutdown:

 It is rather imperative to switch off your cell phone and disconnect all other sorts of communications from outer world. Spa time is the ultimate relaxing time and to make the most out of it, you must relieve your mind of all the things that you think might be a mean of distraction or hurdle in your way of comfort.


 To make the most out of your Facial Spa, do shave before you leave home. It is important as it allows your facial skin to be treated evenly and properly all over and give you a fuller effect of the spa time. Also it allows your facial skin to fully expose and gives your aesthetician to fully analyze your skin and treat it accordingly. The issue pertaining to sensitive skin, spots, skin rashes or dry patches can be more effectively treated in the case.

Pre Spa Shower:

 A hot water shower can be very helpful before a spa. It helps you to clean off entirely and get fresh before your ultimate relaxation session. Hot water opens up skin pores and deeply cleanses your skin and makes your skin feels like breathing. It also warms you up and makes you bit active and tension free, preparing you up for your spa-time. It is usually advisable by spa technicians as a pre spa bath makes your skin soft and pulpy and makes it easy for a spa technician to apply oils or lotions across your body.

Talking with the spa Technician:

 This is one of the most advisable things to remember when going for a spa. Talk to your spa technician beforehand a spa session and let him know of what are you expecting from a spa session. Load him up with all the information you got about yourself and if any special therapy you require in Spa. This will educate the Spa technician about your body and would do his best to make your spa more stress free.

Spa is a privilege that was previously associated with women only until recently it became a choice for men as well. Many men are still against the idea of going for what they call ‘a female practice’ and think it is against their very masculine natur

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