Men’s Top Color Trend for Spring 2013

Spring is an intermediate seasonal phase that lies in between winter and summer. It is the season of re-birth when winter is about to go and summer is advancing. Pakistani men are becoming more and more groomed and fashion conscious. It looks like men have realized that looking good and self maintenance is not just the women realm. Confidence in one’s appearance is essential to looking great. Even you can’t deny the impact of color on the mood of season. Let us have a look at men’s trend 2013 as well as the spring trend for men.

Because of increasing fashion-awareness, trends change with seasons. In spring mostly T-shirts, dress shirts, trench coats are common. But a gentleman also gives importance to the seasons to select colors accordingly. In spring some men like to wear light colors and some dark according to their choice.

Bright colors:

Dusk blue, lemon zest, poppy red, olive limeade and golden rod are some of the top color spring trend for men. Dark colors have gained immense popularity in teenagers. These colors can be worn casually atop your regular comfortable cardigan and give you stunning look instantly, if you are a teenager. Such colors look odd on mature men though.


White has and always will be a spring trend for men. White is cool color and symbolizes peace. People who are peace lover, prefer to wear white shirts with jeans. The clean and crisp white color is liked and selected by most of men in spring and will pretty much set the fashion wave for mens trend 2013.

Natural colors:

Colors like dark green, red and yellow are so elegant. If you mix them with brown it will give a classical and inspiring look and you will instantly catch attention.

Trench coats:

Guys this is one must for you. Trench coats are one of the most exciting spring trends. These are of various types like leather trench coat, military style trench coat and trench wool coat etc. Try dark colors trench coats to add the special pop to your outfit. Trench coats for casual wear can be found in many shopping malls and brands such as StoneAge, CrossRoads, Next, Generations, ChenOne & Tessore.


T-shirts are evergreen. Look around and you will see that every guy is wearing T-shirt. Guys like to wear T-shirts with jeans and pants as they go out for college, office and casual gathering. In spring you must wear dark colors like pink, yellow, orange etc.

Soft color dress shirts:

Shirt colors like soft pink, lavender and light shades of blue give a decent look. I recommend trying soft color shirts to office going people in spring. These colors will brighten up your day.

Multicolor checks and stripes:

Multi color checks and stripes are also good choice for spring and have already crept their way into men’s trend 2013. You must focus on cool colors like blue, green, purple as these appear lighter on eyes. After all in spring you want to feel lively.

Natural features are the dominant factors in determining what color a man should wear, so you should pay attention to those colors that are according to your features. Groom yourself with above mentioned tips so people look at you for longer than usual.

Spring is known as king of the seasons which is full of color. Be more stylish and fashionable and find out which top colours will be in and out in spring.A look at the top spring trend for men.

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