How To Color Men’s Grey Hair

Men’s grey hair is life truth which no men can deny.  Time when he will get grey hair vary from man to men. Most of the men get grey hair in their late 30’s but several men face the problem of grey hair in very young age. Men have different feelings attached with their grey hair. To some this is the sign of a maturity and it gives them a notable look.

Main solution to men’s grey hair problem is to color your hair. There are number of color shades in market for men’s grey hair problem. Coloring your grey hair is not a difficult task. You can go to some professional to get your grey hair colored or you can do it yourself. Latter one is cheaper. So if you want to color your grey hair yourself you have to follow some simple instructions:

Important items:

First of all gather the important items that you will need in coloring men’s grey hair. This includes color, brush, towel, gloves, and old shirt.

Old shirt
Now wear your some old shirt to which you do not have any emotional feelings attached anymore. Wear towel on your neck to avoid stains of color on your other parts of the body.

Gloves and hair color
Wear your gloves and make the coloring paste according to instructions written on your coloring box. Read all the instructions very carefully and mix all the ingredients according to the instructions to get the best result on your grey hair.

Apply Color Test
Before applying color on your grey hair it is better to apply color on some other part of the body to see if this color is suitable for you. You can apply this color under your elbow. Keep it uncover for some time. If you feel any irritation on your skin or if redness occurs on your skin then do not apply this color and try some other color on your grey hair.

Apply Color on Hair

If this color has no reaction on your body then this color is perfect for your grey hair. Now it’s time to apply color on your hair. Put on color on dry hair from the roots till the tips of your grey hair. To get best result cover your hair. According to the instruction, leave your hair colored for written duration and then wash it well with your shampoo. After washing it apply conditioner which is given with coloring kit and there you go free from your grey hair.

Every man has to face the problem of grey hair in his life. Going to professional for coloring grey hair will be a costly part so follow some instructions to color grey hair and get rid of your grey hair staying at home.

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