White Meat vs. Dark Meat

Meat is considered as most required part of our cuisines. White meat and dark meat are two main different types of meat that we eat. Having knowledge and awareness about these two different types of meats will help you to maintain your health. Generally chicken, rabbit and fish is considered as white meat while mutton and beef are in the list of red meats. But some portions of chicken are also considered as red meat. Like its wings, leg pieces, liver etc.
Benefits of White meat:
  •  White meat Contain low calories vs. red meat. So it is good source to maintain the weight.
  • Chicken stock helps to reduce cough and cold.
  • In white fish we find big amount of Omega-3 fatty acids that are fantastic to maintain cholesterol level, diabetes. Omega 3 is excellent for brain functions, heart health.
  • White meat is accurate package of balanced iron, zinc and protein dose.The fats and calories are so far lesser in white meat vs. red meat.

Disadvantages of White meat:

As such there are not much disadvantages of white meat but it is lesser in nutrients vs. red meat.

Benefits of Red Meat:

  • Red meat is not all over bad it has excellent nutrients in it.
  • Mostly Dark meats are enriched with iron and protein and best for anemia patients. Amino acids, iron and proteins are best for the patients who are facing lower level of hemoglobin.
  • Red meat are greatest in resources of zinc, thiamin, vitamins B6, B12 and many more which are essential nutrients for healthy hairs, strong nails and glowing skin.
  • Chicken red meat is full of minerals like phosphorus, selenium, vitamins and zinc.

Disadvantages of Red Meat:

  • Red meat is full of higher level of saturated fats due to which higher in calories level.
  • According to researches if it is taken on daily basis it can cause cancer and heart diseases rapidly.
  • Kidney patients, higher blood pressure patients must avoid it as it is full of proteins and fats.
  • Continuous use of red meat even can cause hypertensions and arthritis. 

White meat vs. red meat has merits and demerits. It is all depend on health that which is more suitable. However excess of everything is bad, so balanced intake of both is not so harmful.

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