Planning for Baby Shower Party

Baby shower parties are getting very popular in pakistan. All the aunts of the baby come to this party and make this day memorable. Now you can make this day more memorable by arranging games, decorating your home and giving the cake job to some professional.

These days, the trend of having baby shower parties is getting very popular in Pakistan. People are now more welcoming about the news of a little member going to be a part of family rather than being shy and reserve like in earlier days. Baby shower is basically a celebration at which the expecting mother is showered with lots of gifts and blessings for the baby to come.

Apart from being a popular tradition in the western countries, the baby shower parties and celebrations have always been an integral part of the Indian culture. The term used by Indian people for baby shower is Goud Bharaai.

Normally; a close friend, sister or sister-in-law of the mom to be arranges the party for baby shower and invites all the close female friends and family members of the expecting mother. It is a very cute party and the planning for baby shower parties is even more fun for the aunts of the baby who is just a few months away from making his/her arrival into the world.

There are many themes and options available for arranging baby shower parties. It gets quite easy for the planners of baby shower to plan the party if they already know that the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Soft tones and shades of pinks, blues, yellows and peaches are preferred as they give a very soothing effect to the entire baby shower party. A good cake is a must-have for a baby shower party which is also designed around the entire theme of the party. There are many good cake designers in Pakistan too which make special cakes for the baby shower parties. Muneeze Khalid is one of the pioneers in making the most breath-taking cakes for baby shower parties.

Baby shower games at the party are very interesting for all the females invited at the party and the mom to be. There are different options available for them too. The most favorite baby shower game is to “guess the tummy size of the mom to be”. Other games include; “how many baby items can you name”, “never say baby and take all baby item names” and much more. All these cute games make the day even more memorable and joyful for the mom to be with her loved ones.

Party favors for the baby shower must not be neglected. They should be chosen and planned with much importance because they actually tell how thoughtful the baby shower planner has been for the mom to be. Party favors for baby shower can be any cute little thing related to the baby and the mom to be like, tiny baby bottles filled with candies, crib shaped candles in pink or blue( according to baby’s gender), personalized bars of chocolates and lollipops, floating ducklings with the name of mom to be etc.

The options for baby shower ideas are infinite; all you need to be is a bit creative and thoughtful for the mommy to be and the little bundle of joy who is about to arrive in a few months.

Baby shower parties are getting very popular in pakistan.

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