Calcium Guide

Our bones and teeth contains 99 percent of total calcium of our body and only 1 percent goes in the rest of the parts like muscles, blood, cells etc.

We need very good care of our bones and teeth and should take that diet which is full of calcium supplements. Do not ever hesitate to take those food items, which contain calcium in excess. Some people wrongly assume that some food items like drinking milk make us fat. If we will finely drain the cream and reduce the calorie level from milk then it will not make as fat.   

 Any food item having calcium in it actually helps our body to reduce the fats level. Calcium increases our digestion process and helps to reduce or finish fats. If we will make calcium one of the necessary elements of our everyday life, then it will help us in reducing extra weight.

We have so many sources to get calcium, like green vegetables, almonds, oranges, some other fresh fruits, and especially dairy products, milk, yogurt, cheese, ice-cream etc.

So if you will eat & drink any source of calcium in a balanced way, you will not face any problem.

Calcium is one of the very important nutritious elements of our body. It plays very vital role in making our bones and teeth strong.

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