Veena Malik Called On Pakistani Politician Not To Issue Any Statements

The Pakistani media in London reported that during the conversation with the actress, who got immense popularity while hosting a Geo programme “Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain”, said she stood by her statement that the Rawalpindi politician, who heads Awami Muslim League, had called her and invited for a meeting over tea.

Veena said “I was naïve at that time, I didn’t know who he was when he was admiring my work but I denied entertaining his request. He is furious because I disallowed him. He told me that he has seen on Hum Sub Umeed say Hain and adored my work. I was maybe unfriendly to him. I am not that much shocked on what he is up to as I know had been anti-women, he was anti Benazair Bhutto and now it seems that he is also anti Veena Malik. It will be only good for him if he stops and doesn’t define patriotism for others.”

The actress, who has elevated the temperature high with her provocative and controversial performances, said “it was sad that the so-called patriots in Pakistan had taken upon themselves to define morality and patriotism. She rejected such elements and said that Pakistani was a multi-cultural and multi-dimensional society and it’s impossible to define the country in simple terms.

“In Pakistan the women are seen both in the burka and jeans wearing sides and both are right to do , it depends upon one’s own self whatever they want to do with their lives. My father was an army officer who loved Pakistan and served it. I have the blood of a military officer in my veins and I love Pakistan and. I carry Pakistani passport and will always be gratified of it. I am hero to some people in Pakistan and villain to others and I accept that,” she said.

On being asked why she is a controversial figure and whether she creates controversies to remain in the limelight, Veena Malik said, “I have a strong relationship with media everywhere. I have always been media’s darling, I love it for being the first choice of media. Magazines love to put me on glossy covers. Television wants me there.

Veena Malik became thoughtful when asked about her return to Pakistan. As the lady has not set foot in the country for a long time and o the other hand she is facing threats from extremist group. “There is not a single moment when I don’t miss Pakistan. I love my country, its people and its culture and I do want to come back. I will soon be back but I cannot tell when.”

Veena announced that she would soon be going to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. “I have a deep spiritual side, people have only seen me a showbiz celebrity but for me religion is an individual matter. I do believe that religion is a matter between the individual and Creator. I very much look forward to take this spiritual journey.”

She said that heroes from every walk of life in Pakistan were leaving this world. “Pakistan needs a new breed of heroes, we have very few left. Instead of attacking them we need to create heroes. I want to be treated like a hero in Pakistan, like an artist with an aesthetic side.”

The Famous actress Veena Malik has called on Pakistani politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad not to issue any statements in contradiction of her or she reserves the rights to reply in equal measure.

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