‘I am innocent’ Said Veena Malik

Interestingly, Veena Malik is the only person involved in the case who has been making public appearances. Other than her all the people involved are silent on the issue.

The actor Veena Malik has expressed anger at a 26-year jail term handed down by a Pakistani court after she acted in a scene loosely based on the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. After the passing of the sentence against Veena Malik and her husband along with the owner of Geo TV and the anchor of the Morning Show Shaista Wahidi the international media is taking keen interest in the issue.

All the media groups have taken this issue very seriously. This discussion is picking up heat day by day and has become the talk of the town. No one has yet showed up to justify for their acts and participation, but a one courageous lady who has never stopped for being on the front finally gave exclusive interview, yes its Veena Malik. The actress whose life has completely changed after marriage and was living happily in her own small world with husband and newly born baby.

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When Veena is interviewed by the international channel, she has proved her stance against the issue of blasphemy. Veena Malik was asked her stance on the sentence; she clearly stated that, “I and my husband are innocent. We were invited as guests on the show and were unaware of the content and the script of it. The content of the show wasn’t even blasphemous because the manqabat that was being played in the background is played very often in wedding functions, so much so that people are seen dancing and kissing while it plays in the background. We cannot control the camera or the screening of the show. I with my husband was sitting in a respectful manner and whose were putting up allegations that I and Khattak were dancing then I must tell them that weren’t doing anything of this sort”.

Watch Veena Malik’s Exclusive Interview with BBC:

Veena Malik Talks with BBC by fashioncentralpk

Veena Malik said that there were some elements in the establishment which wanted to punish Geo for some things that happened in the past. According to her Islam has nothing to do with the sentence but this was a case of punishing the channel for something else due to the media war going on.

When asked about why she left Pakistan Veena Malik said that she had to leave Pakistan because she was 4 months pregnant and in the present scenario her baby was not safe in Pakistan.

Lastly, Mrs. Khattak said to the general public of Pakistan to stand up against this injustice so that people refrain from misusing religion for personal gains.

Veena said ‘Me and my husband are innocents and Islam is being Used For Some People’s Personal Gains And Interests.”

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