Eid ul Fitr Trend Guide

God has blessed Muslims with all his blessings and Eid ul fitar is one of the gifts by Allah for the Muslims who fast throughout the month of Ramadan. Eid ul Fitar is the day which the whole Muslim world celebrates without any kind of discrimination of caste, creed or color. Everyone prepares for this day whole heartedly and the preparations last till Chand Raat. The young, the old, kids, ladies, gents all seem busy in their Eid ul Fitar’s day preparation. There is a great hustle and bustle in the markets for shopping in the last days of Ramadan. The thing that one must keep in mind is the trends and style of the season before preparing for eid ul fitar. For this Eid ul Fitar, there is a trend guide for you to look stylish and trendy on Eid day.


The first thing that is of great importance on Eid day is your Eid dress. The dress you will be wearing on Eid ul Fitar must be marvelous and according to the latest trend and fashion. The dress is something that cast a sharp shadow of your personality so you should be careful while dressing on this Eid ul Fitar. Here are some latest style dresses for you to wear on Eid ul Fitar.

• Lively colors

Eid ul Fitar is all about excitement and liveliness. For the dressing on this lively day you need to grab the bright and vivid colors to wear. This will show your ultimate excitement for the day. The bright colors can be contrasted with other colors to make a perfect match for Eid ul Fitar. Embroidery is in trend these days do you can also choose the embroidered fabrics for the event. There is a large collection of these types of outfits in the market, so it is no more a difficult task to choose the Eid dress.

• Long Frocks and Shirts

The trend of long frocks and long shirts is not only the summer dressing trend but it has also become a trend of Eid ul Fitar this year. You can wear these outfits without any kind of hesitation and these are comfortable to wear as well.

• Kurta

Another trend for Eid ul Fitar is the Kutra style or simple kurta. This trend is old but favorite all the time. There are different varieties of colors in the Kutra collection so grab the one that suits you.


Handbags are also essential for the event for Eid ul fitar because you can not visit your friend’s or some relative’s house without having a beautiful and stylish handbag with you. BnB accessories is the Pakistan’s largest women fashion brand offering a large collection of beautiful and stylish handbags, purses and clutches for this Eid ul Fitar. The light and dark both colors are inn these days but the preference will be given to bright colors for Eid ul Fitar. You Eid ul Fitar outfit are incomplete without a stylish bag or clutch in your hand. Stone work clutches are also in trend for Eid ul Fitar.


Women fashion is incomplete without jewelry so you need to know about the latest trend in jewelry to wear on this Eid. Try to wear matching jewelry with your outfit on this Eid ul Fitar but if not possible then you can wear a simple necklace and a pair of small earrings with a stylish ring because it will give you a decent look on Eid day. Moreover Eid ul Fitar is incomplete without bangles so match the bangles according to you outfit and look more beautiful on this wonderful day.


When we are talking about Eid ul Fitar trends than how can we forget the most important thing that is “Mehndi”. Women are crazy about mehndi and their excitement on Chand Raat is incredible. Sudani mehndi styles and designs are very much inn and ready to rock this Eid ul Fitar.

The auspicious religious festival of Eid ul Fitar is approaching and everyone is in the hunt of trends and styles for looking gorgeous and more glamorous on this event. There a guide for you to rock this Eid ul Fitar.

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