Tiktoker Dolly Fashion Opens about the fire at Margalla Hills After Controversy

In the midst of a climate change crisis, while everyone is subjected to deadly heatwaves, polluted air quality, and water shortage, a famous TikToker with a verified account and more than 11 million followers, decided to start an actual fire at the Margalla Hills for a viral promotional video.

Nosheen Syed, known as Dolly, the said TikToker, was later charged on the complaint of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) under wildlife and environment protection laws.

Tiktoker Dolly Fashion'
(Photo: Instagram/ Dolly )

The influencer collaborated with a fashion brand called Bling for this video. In the video, she can be seen walking and posing with a forest fire in the background. After severe backlash, the videos have been removed.

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