Dania’s Mother Levels Shocking Allegations Against Aamir’s first wife, Bushra

The mother of Dania Shah, the third wife of late TV host and religious scholar Aamir Liaquat, has come up with serious allegations against Bushra Iqbal.

Dania’s mother Salma said that after marriage Dania lived in a room made of iron. Inside that room there was a secret locker containing Rs25 crore, she said.

Moreover, she said, when Aamir met former Prime Minister Imran Khan along with Dania, his picture went viral. A man came and he gave Aamir Rs25 crore, she said.

Aamir told Dania that he received the money from a private TV channel, she said. Aamir also told Dania that another Rs15 crore was due to the man who delivered him Rs25 crore, she said.

Salma said that Aamir reconciled with Dania four days before his death. She said she has evidence of this reconciliation and some of this evidence was posted by Dania on YouTube and Instagram.

Salma said Bushra claims that Aamir Liaquat died due to depression caused by his separation from Dania and Dania should be punished for this. She said Aamir’s post-mortem examination should be done to ascertain the cause of his death. “Why don’t you allow Aamir’s post-mortem examination?” she asked Bushra.

Aamir was found dead at his house in Karachi on June 9, 2022.

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