Nail Trend ForEid-Ul-Fitr

Eid is coming with all its festivity colors and rejoice, people are busy in getting things related to the Eid celebrations. The women Eid shopping mainly consists on clothes, jewelry, shoes and makeup. Without these things the concept of celebrating Eid remains incomplete. Good makeup with appropriate clothing makes you more prominent in such kinds of occasions.

Nail art is an advancement of makeup and gives you more prestigious royal look. Have you been decided with the ways of nail decoration? If still not decided, there are some nail trends for Eid-ul-Fitr art ideas to facilitate your Eid look magnificently. Pick the idea of your choice and rock the Eid crowed by your significant individuality.

Nail Trends for Eid-ul-Fitr

Add more colors into the celebrations of Eid with your super stylish hands. You can give, trendy chick, gorgeous, supper sizzling, nice, delicate, romantic and powerful looks to your hands by using nail art and different shades of nail paint. You can go with any trend in nail art this Eid, do experiments and create your own sizzling styles. Beautiful hands are the representative of your whole groomed personality. Don’t ignore your hands and beautify them with charming nail art patterns.

1. Play with Odd

Some nail colors are supposed to not dare to touch in certain conditions and with certain kind of dress. Pick these colors and mix them with other colors, you will be amazed to see your own creation and style. Contrast these odd colors with simple base colors, wear it with your Eid dress this will definitely increase your charm. Do nail art on odd and dangerously chic colors with soft sober nail paints.

You can use stencils for making different designs on your nails, these design stencils are easily available in market. Without going salon you can give professional nail art look to your nails by spending less effort and money.

2. Jazz-Up the colors

This is very new trend in nail art, apart from having blunt colors and different contrasts on your nails use the jazz up technique on your nails this Eid. Jazz up means making something more lively and vibrant. Use the different colors of nail paint and make a rainbow on your nails. If your Eid dress is simple and not matching with the festivity of the festival use this technique and share the celebration of Eid. This nail art technique will make your day more vibrant.

3. Pale Nails

Another nail trend for Eid-ul-Fitr 2013 in nail art is about wearing pale color on nails. Women whom don’t like to wear bright nail paints and depressed of frenzy nail art, wearing pale is very comfortable for them. In Pakistan the summer season come with bright vibrant colors and motifs. It would be very nice and unique to decorate your nail only with pale off white color with your summer vibrant Eid dress. This trend is very novel and in fashion these days. Make your own choice on this special occasion.

4. Dark Romance

Dark is all time favorite of chic look, the teen girls like to wear daring dark colors on nails. Dark colors look very romantic on young beautiful hands. Nail trend for Eid-ul-Fitr, bring these warm colors with bright vibrant touch. Use the matt shade of any dark color and on one finger put the same color with the glitter and gloss. This combination of matt and glitter on your hand will look awesome this Eid. In dark don’t restrict yourself with only black, brown, deep blue, you have freedom to choose the dark shades of bright colors.

5. Metallic are Perfect for Asian color Combination

In Asia the color complexion of ladies are fairly paired with metallic shades. In nail trend for Eid-ul-Fitr must go with metallic shades they look very pretty on dusky complexion. You can mix the metallic with other shades and rock your special day.

Nail trend for Eid-ul-Fitr is comprises on the new unique trends of 2013. Make your Eid day more bright and vibrant by wearing such beautiful styles of nail art.

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