Eye Care Tips for Kids

Healthy eyes and sharp eye sight is the sign of your kid’s good health. Remember eye care for kids is quite different from adults. Kid’s eyes need special care to prevent them from various eyes problems. It is considered as parents wisdom if they priory examined their kids eye care at the beginning of their primary school. Eye specialists recommend to have first detailed eye checkup at the age of six months.

Then at the age of 2 years after that yearly eyes checkup is must for kids. The common symptom is, children may not ready their board and books properly. Headache, double and blurry vision, eye pains can also caused by eye vision problems. Ophthalmologist, optometrist, and optician are eye care specialist and do the diagnosis in depths.  So this was about kid’s eyes checkup on regular basis. However with some daily simple habits you can easily take kid’s eye care.

Here are some signs you may find in your kid troubling with her eyes along with kid’s eye care tips:

  • Take a special kid’s Eye care when you see you kid rub the eyes more frequently. If this is due to dust or sand ask them to stop rubbing and wash the eyes with simple water.
  • Immediately take them to eye specialist when they have excessive tearing from their eyes.
  • Your kid’s sits too nearly to TV or computer. The best kid’s eye care tip is to ask him to avoid sitting nearly, if no vein then takes him to optician to examine their eye sight. Pediatric eye specialists also warn that over sitting in front of computers and video games also increase the symptoms of early myopia.
  • Eating habits of junk foods and soft drinks are increasing in kids day by day. Habits of healthy diet can prevent kids from different eyes infections and diseases. So this is very easy yet expensive kid’s eye care tip to include green leafy vegetables, carrots, beans, and fruits which are specially enriched with vitamin A in kid’s daily food routine.
  • Proper lighting while reading and studying is very important for kids eye care. The distance between reading material and kid’s eyes should be twelve to fourteen inches gap.
  • Special eye wear which are made of polycarbonate are available for the kids who love to play out door games like foot ball and cricket.

However these are daily kid’s eye care tips, but if you feel your kids are having any serious problem then immediately take an appointment to ophthalmologist, optometrist, and optician, so that they can examine any of the serious problem.

Healthy eyes and sharp eye sight is the sign of your kid's good health. By regular checkups and with some easy kid's eye care tips you can help your kids to enjoy healthy eyes for long.

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