Create your own Home Spa

Certainly, with the how busy-busy and stressful lives we have, many of us fail unfortunately, to extract some time out of our hectic routines for self care. Although, interestingly, self-pampering has numerous stress alleviating benefits and can help us reimburse our lost strength and energy, whether mental or physical. Who said you need to go over to some place to get a spa, when you can just enjoy one relaxing home spa experience right at your own place!
Here are some essentials you’d require in giving yourself a soothing home spa experience, at a low budget, leaving you feeling revived and rejuvenated:
— The three basic things you would require for your own spa is a tub, a bathroom and privacy! Yes privacy! That means no interruption, no intrusion at all! Whether it’s a phone call or someone banging your door down, even slightest disturbance can make you end up making you feel rather tenser and agitated. So make sure you have the perfect environment around you for your spa arrangements.
— Put on some light music. They don’t say it for nothing that music is the food for one’s soul. If you can, make necessary arrangements to put on some light soothing music in your bathroom, trust me, you’d be more than pleased. It would help you relax further and brush off the stress, and take you in a more tranquil and tension-free world.
— Ahh, candles…yes, lighten up the room with candles and if you have aroma candles, nothing can be better help in relieving stress than some light sweet odor surrounding you, bringing you from a stressed and tired state into a stress-relieving and calming mood.
— The best part about creating a home spa of your own is that you can use your creativity in providing yourself the luxury bath using your favorite products. I would suggest a Lavender-scented bubble bath. It provides you the benefits of aromatherapy to appease you. Body scrubs are also useful products as they help in exfoliating skin. Among other products that you can add to your spa expericenc is skin-moisturizing oil which can help in giving you the essential skin nourishment and make the pampered feeling last longer.
— Spas aren’t just about giving you a relaxed feeling, infact they can help you in further enhancing your beauty. Use a conditioner for your hair and a purifying masque on your face. This will help your face and scalp feel good, leaving you feeling and looking more beautiful. Using a loofah on your dry skin help in removing the dead skin layer and give you a soothing feeling. Also, scrubbing away your feet with a pumice stone can be a little more effort, but the results are always satisfying and benefitting.
— After stepping out of the tub, apply a rich moisturizing cream to your skin and a fresh coat of nail polish to your toes. Pamper yourself the way you want. You aim to make yourself look and feel beautiful.
— This is just not it; add a massage session to your spa session. Either you ask someone to give you a relaxing massage or use a self-massager; it works both ways well enough to provide you your missing element – the peace of your mind.


Why go for a high end spa, when you can give yourself the same soothing feeling right at your own place!

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