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Chocolate spa tips are as lovely as the chocolate itself is. Chocolate is considered as a food of love. It tastes sweet and liked a lot by children and girls especially. We usually eat chocolate for pleasure or just because we love to eat it. But today, it is not being used for eating purpose only. I mean it is also being used in spas these days. The use of chocolate in spas is actually rooted in science. My spa guide will unveil its secret benefits for you today.

For centuries, the parts of coca plant i.e. beans, leaves, flowers and oil have been used to treat skin diseases. It has also been used for the recovery of burn skin, headache, and pain in other body parts. This is why we are not restricted to simply eating chocolate.

As coca is rich in fatty acids coca butter can be used for softening and body through facial. Glycerides in coca deliver moisturizing lipids and fats firms your skin. Moreover, you will definitely feel pleasure and enjoy when you get your whole body wrapped in chocolate. Isn’t amazing??

Chocolate, no doubt, is a great source of energy as it contains different vitamins and minerals. But do remember that the chocolate is beneficial to you if it is pure. It contains all essential nutrients and minerals that are healthful. Dark chocolates are effective in the treatment of mild hypertension.

One of the best chocolate spa tips is thatyou can also make your skin smooth by splashing chocolate all over your body. My other chocolate spa tips include.

The antioxidants in chocolate are good anti-aging substance and the massage of chocolate on your whole body will protect your body from the effects of sunlight and everyday pollution. Chocolate spa will be beneficial to you if you do full body scrub as you do with your usual scrubbing cream. Then take a chocolate bath which will make you think as you are in heaven (if you are a chocolate lover). Massage your whole body in the tub full of chocolate. This will result in the softness and smoothness of your skin. Then get ready for chocolate indulgence facial that will include double cleansing of your skin, toning, chocolate facial massage and chocolate face mask.This makes a wonderful chocolate spa guide for you.

If you are a house wife and unable to go out at some spa then don’t worry! One of the simplest chocolate spa tips is for you housewives. Apply chocolate mask on your face. This mask is ideal for normal skin. All you want to do is just prepare the mixture of your chocolate mask that includes 1/3 cup of coca, 1 tsp of oatmeal powder, some honey and cottage cheese as required.

Mix these ingredients with good hand and then apply on your skin for ten minutes. After ten minutes, rinse it off with warm water. It will help you in moisturizing your skin and will peel off your dead skin. I suggest you to give a try to this one of the chocolate spa tips at home.

Try a few chocolate spa tips in my spa guide. If you are unable to get a massage on your whole body then you can just apply a chocolate mask on your face that can easilybe prepared at home.

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