Brighten Up: 3 Ways to Fade Dark Spots

The plain and simple thing is that dark spots suck. Dark spots make you look ugly, albeit they are harmless. Dark spots are usually caused due to too much time spent in the sun, old acne scars or hormonal changes, aging, menopause, stress, pregnancy, improper skin care lack of vitamin C or B 12, smoking and cancer.

When the skin is more exposed to the sun, there is an increase in the production of cells known as melanocytes due to which skin turns darker. Dark spots generally appear on exposed skin areas like face, back, neck, chest, shoulder and hands. Women get more stressed when suffer from dark spots problem on their facial skin.

Wondering how to fade dark spots? Removing to dark spots from the face is the key factor in looking younger.

Having dark spots and patches on face can be embarrassing and lead to low self esteem. However you can try some tips to treat dark spots. 

1. Lemon juice

The best way to fade dark spots is to use lemon juice. Lemon juice is the best and simple home remedy for removing dark spots from the face. A quick way to get rid of the dark spots is to apply lemon juice on spots twice a day. Leave it for half an hour before rinsing it off with cold water. Vitamin C on the face lightens the dark spot from the face. Lemon has bleaching property which can assist in removing dark spots.

This is the best option for you to remove dark spots, freckles and other skin blemishes. If you have sensitive skin, add water or rose water or honey in lemon juice to make it dilute and then apply it to affected areas. By using this simple remedy you will get rid of dark spots from your face.

2. Apply Milk

To get rid of the dark spots on the face you must apply milk on your face. Milk contributes in skin discoloration. By applying milk, you can fade the dark spots. When applied typically on your skin particularly on affected areas, it will gradually reduce skin’s pigmentation and lighten, brighten tone skin complexion. Dab the cotton ball in the milk and apply it directly on affected areas of your face. Leave it for 8-10 minutes and wash it off. Apply milk on the face twice a day. This home remedy will fade dark spots in six weeks.

3. Use booster

For lightening the dark spots, use products that contain chemical exfoliate like glycolic acid. They gently slough off the dead cells and instantly brighten your skin. Use booster with exfoliating salicylic acid and vitamin C. Besides applying booster on your face also apply it on your neck. Gradually apply it on the most sensitive area of the body.

So now you know how to get rid of dark spots and how to take care of your skin to protect it from dark spots, dark patches and other skin blemishes.

It is time to brighten up yourself by using the following tips. Check out these tips to have young looking skin free from dark spots.

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