Be the Beautiful You by Wearing Age Appropriate Makeup

Taking your age into consideration when making fashion choices is as imperative as wearing suitable makeup according to your age.

This article offers you tips on age-appropriate makeup. You can make use of them to create the most flattering makeup look for you. Whether you are a fresh-faced college student, a middle-aged mom, or a more mature woman looking for age-appropriate makeup, these tips will come handy for you.

First off, it’s worth keeping in mind that when it comes to beauty there are a few things that are applicable on every age decade such as having a good skin care regimen, wearing makeup according to your your skin type and dress; and choosing cosmetics that are perfect for your skin.

In your teens

This is a fun age where you must play with fun colors and textures on your fresh teen face. However, go light with the makeup application. Select shades and formulas that are fresh and go with your youthful look. This is the perfect time to experiment with whimsical cosmetics and styles that more mature women usually avoid. At your age, makeup is not about being too serious, it is only about having a good time.

In your 20s

This is the best time of your life which is most friendly for your skin. In your 20s, focus on defining your best features instead of simply wearing makeup for the sake of wearing makeup. This is the age when your skin adapts to its permanent freshness and you step ahead of your troubled and zit-affected teen skin.However, your skin still remains oily at this stage so opting for a foundation or concealer with an oil-free ingredient such as salicylic acid or other acne-healing properties is what you should go for.

Learn makeup for your eyes. Accentuate their beauty, make them speak. Find the shades and formulations that work best on you, considering your skin coloring and type. You need to make sure that you protect your skin by using products that have a sun-screen effect.

In your 30s

Now, you have entered the most solid and mature decade of your life where you have to create your signature makeup look, if you haven’t yet found it. In your 30s when you have got to know yourself better, you can use makeup as an expression of your personality and less as a trend. Discover makeup methods to enhance your lifestyle.

In your 40s

This is the time where you have to struggle to keep your look glowing and fresh and beyond where choosing products and colors that flatter your complexion should be your prime objective. In your 40s, neutrals and earth tones are great options for you. You need to look for formulas that help retain your skin’s elasticity apart from producing a lifting effect.

In your 50s

Your 50s are your sober years. Make sure your color choices are appropriate and not too harsh for your features. Give up on your love for sharp makeup products such as Black eyeliner – that will appear too strong now, even if you wore it successfully in your youth. Remember to continue taking care of your skin by maintaining healthy eating habits and choosing appropriate creams and lotions.

Although it is true that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing appropriate makeup, it goes without saying that you should know what to where. Fret not if what worked for you in past no longer does! A simple change in your makeup regim

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