3 Common Winter Hair Problems & The Solutions


The problem of Dandruff that is a real trouble for many of us is usually associated with insufficient hair care. Especially when you are wearing dark colors like black, navy blue etc.

In winter, the dust-like stuff that falls from the scalp to shoulders is a sign of embarrassment and inadequate hair care.

Other than improper hair care, the reasons responsible for dry dandruff scales are poor diet, sluggish metabolism, hormonal imbalance, and sometimes infection.

If you will not adopt proper hair care solutions and hair care tips for treating dandruff, the problem will become worse.

Hair Falling

Hair fall is one of the common problems that put a question mark on the woman’s beauty wish of having luscious, bouncy and voluminous hair.

The problems related to hair fall affects both men and women due to various factors including sebum blockage, stress, lack of nutrition, dieting, genetic problems, pollution, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and much more. To stop hair fall, people usually try a number of hair fall tips; however only few of them actually work on the problem.

Following are some of the easy hair fall tips to prevent the problem. You can try these hair fall tips at home and can see how effective they are in reducing hair fall.

  • Hot oil therapy
  • Natural juices
  • Head Massage
  • Antioxidants

Frizzy Hair

Remember that you can always maintain frizzy hair, if you can understand your hair type and learn how to look after them. Curly hair styles are more prone to friziness, dryness as they easily escape from an attempt to style them. Follow these frizzy hair control tips and you will have a beautiful hair to flaunt.

The first tip for having a healthy hair style recommend that have a balanced diet, drink lot of water and use conditioner as often you can. Condition helps as you use it once a week. Also massage your scalp with moisturiser or oil. Put your hair in a bonnet at night.

Similarly, your frizzy hair like rest of the body requires nourishment that comes from fruits, vegetables, fish, lean red meats and olive oil and lots of water. So use this frizzy hair tip to have a glowing hair.

Here you can find the ways to fix three common problems that happen to your Hair In winter season.

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