Yummy Mummy Surgery: The Most Popular Surgeries for Post Childbirth

The idea of having a new born come into this world right out of our tummies is simply speechless. However, what most people don’t understand is the extra effort most mothers will have to go through to get off that extra load of fat they have built up in the nine months. It is a whole lot of pressure, specially the whole looking good and slim and smart again. Who doesn’t want to attain those hot bodies just like our famous celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham to name a few. They make looking good even post pregnancy seem like taking candy from a baby.

Women like us have to go through cosmetic surgery in order to maintain our figures. The peer pressure from the yummy mommy pictures being thrown in every poster for every other magazine and papers depicting pictures of some of the sexiest looking mothers just a few months after pregnancy is quite tempting.

Some of them follow strict diet routines, exercise routines or maybe they just get lucky because of their genes. Whatever the reason, they are surely encouraging most mothers to take on post childbirth surgery these days. Losing the fat and extra loaded weight that the baby leaves behind may take time otherwise. Cosmetic surgeries have been considered a much faster approach to overcome the extra weight and bulginess. This "mommy makeover" can transform your body completely and help enable you to get back and restore your slim and trim body after childbirth.

Carrying a child, breastfeeding and all other activities that involve taking care of the baby post childbirth all have an impact on our bodies and most women are emotionally challenged, if not right away, then at some point in time to look fabulous and young again. Most mothers ignore their dropping breasts and sag like tummies but it is a common perception to ignore things that you may find difficult to attain otherwise.

The most popular surgeries that mothers go for after childbirth is the full and mini tummy tucks. They either remove fat or excess skin from the whole tummy or may tighten up the skin for just the lower tummy.  Another common surgery may be that involving a breast lift or implants in the breasts in order to regain their shape. Some women indulge in liposuction to remove their fat but this surgery may require high degrees of consultation before proceeding with it.

Feelings of low self esteem and an altered body image after childbirth can have a drastic affect on family life. A combined procedure of tummy tuck and mastopexy can drastically improve and boost women’s confidence. Melisma or brown skin pigmentation can also appear on the cheeks or around eyes or other areas of the body post childbirth. Fraxel laser is effective as well as efficient enough to remove these skin marks permanently. Although liposuction may be damaging to the body, Liposuction on the other hand may prove to be very effective in selective fat removal. Ultrasound waves select and melt fat cells in a manner that will leave blood vessels and nerves untouched causing minimal pain to the body. This surgery will tackle even the smallest pocket of fat very effectively and sculpt any fat left of the body after childbirth.

To attain best results after such surgeries, doctors often recommend that mothers try to achieve their desired target weight first by exercising at least 30 minutes a day and practicing good nutrition as well as avoiding any alcohol or cigarette consumption.

Women often need time to make themselves feel used to the whole new idea of becoming mothers. Therefore, they should take their time in understanding and enjoying motherhood before taking on a decision of surgery.

Ready to become a yummy mummy? If you really are then go for these listed surgeries.

Once you have that baby bump, most of the moms already start worrying about the post childbirth activities to indulge in so that they can look good and in shape again once they have given birth. Well, we have compiled together a set of popular post childb

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