Wooden Room Dividers

A room divider is a piece of furniture that divides the room into a separate area. There are a variety of different patterns and designs of room dividers are available. Room dividers made of wood are hugely in trend. Use them to divide the rooms or to keep a secret area hidden. It creates a more efficient use of space in a room. Bring on the wooden room dividers whether as accent piece or hide the area to add character to a room space.

Wooden room dividers come in different styles based upon the nature. Some dividers are used as vine shelves in restaurant which are permanent, some as built in sliding partitions in offices while some are temporary and portable partitions. You must go for temporary and portable wooden room dividers that comprises of folded wall panels supported on wheels. Check out interesting and unique yet stylish wooden room divider idea.  

Wood screens that work as privacy shutters can be used in bedrooms or in offices. The wood screens are movable and their shape and direction can be changed accordingly. So this wooden divider is the best idea to utilize in room. 

If you want to add color and a decorative background wood slate screen will make a great room divider to hang over. Horizontal wood slat divider acts as a curtain to separate two rooms. The most appealing thing about this wood divider is that it is accomplished by changing the distance between the slats of wood. The horizontal wood slats are found in different colors. Go for the color of wood divider that compliments your room décor.

The portable and temporary wooden dividers work best in communal spaces in home, offices or in restaurants. Large communal spaces can be separated by using portable wooden divider with folded wall panels with wheels. Spice up any room with stylish and modern portable wooden dividers. 

A window seat can be separated from other area of room by using a short room divider. Short room divider can add coziness to a nook. It does not only accent the corner window seat but also create coziness. The divider will become focus point of the interest in the room. 

The wood stick screen is the creative idea to make a partition in the room. This separator is mobile and modular. Whenever you pass through this creative stick screen you will feel like passing through dry grass of this wild room divider. 

Dual purpose room divider is a creative and unique way to add more space to a room. The flat and inconspicuous three panel bamboo screen can convert in folding chairs. Use to whether as a separator or as chairs. The lighter weight panels and structural reinforcement allows you to make transformation process smooth and simple.    

A wooden divider with multiple drawers and shelves is clever idea to add character to any space. A room wooden divider is stylish way to create partition while also a way to display taste of your décor. Place decorative items and accessories on the wooden divider. This way you can display your taste and divide the area cleverly.

Room divider is a unique and creative idea to make partition in the room. A wooden room divider lets you make the efficient use of space in your room. A room divider can be used for many purposes. Whether use it as a decorative item or to hide any space.

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