Top Yummy and Tasty Foods for Winter

People who live in countries which receive all four seasons are thought to be lucky, both; in terms of nature and economically. They enjoy all the seasons and the blessings they bring along. For some of us the delicious food products and eatables are on top yet for others it’s the weather.

Winter, along with the winter sports and outdoor activities brings the widest range of food products and eatables. Things one consumes all round the year become special during winters. Coffee, during a stroll in the cold foggy nights. Chocolates and chocolate based products. French fries. Fruits and dry fruits.

People are seen gathered around fires. Huddled up. Trying to stay warm. Conversations, sharing moments, making memories for the future.

1. Chocolate

Usually people avoid chocolate products in summers as supposedly they cause pimples and dental problems. Well, for your information, chocolate does not cause pimples and cavities. It’s a scientific fact.


The winter along with its other goodies, brings a great weather for hot chocolate. Imagine sitting in your veranda or balcony on a foggy winter morning and enjoying a mug of creamy hot chocolate. Ahhh! There’s nothing like it. Is there?

And it’s not that hard to make either. Heat up milk to a desired temperature – Careful! Because when too hot it can cause serious burns and add either chocolate powder or chocolate syrup and stir to mix it uniformly. For a topping, either add cream or some more chocolate powder.

2. Hot Coffee


Hot Coffee’s another one of winter’s blessings. Easily available in many forms in the market, coffee can be enjoyed although the year but especially in winter.

Coffee beans and instant coffee are easily available in the market for you. There’s nothing better than brewing your own coffee with coffee beans. But if you aren’t the ‘earn your coffee’ type; you can always visit a coffee shop or drop by at a friend’s for a mug. And of course there always will be the instant coffee which comes in ready to make sachets.

3. Soups

soup recipes

Winter also brings the common cold with it. It’s a menace. Trust me! You can’t go out. You can’t hang out with friends (it’s contagious) and what not. But what it does do is that it makes your mom’s/ wife’s / girlfriend’s heart melt. What does that mean? Soup! Yes. Soup.

Well you don’t have to be sick to enjoy soup. Who needs that. One can make their own at home, go out to a restaurant and order, get an instant sachet from the market or just get it delivered from the nearest Chinese place.

Soups have a large assortment. You can make up any kind of broth and call it a recipe of soup, provided it tastes good. Otherwise you are just in for a lot of complaints that you undoubtedly had coming.

4. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts and pine nails etc. are a winter delicacy. Although available throughout the year, they are best enjoyed in the winter season.

People use them as ingredients in soups, stews, sweet dishes, recipes of rice and Chinese dishes.
Roasted almonds are served as starters/ appetizers in restaurants.

Vendors sell them in small quantities to buyers on the road sides. People who use joints as a means of earning bread are often seen selling roasted peanuts, maize, chick peas etc.

A Pakistani recipe, the Kashmiri Tea also includes dry fruits in its ingredients when served at weddings or parties as an extravagant part of the menu.

5). Fruits


Apples, oranges, grape fruits and guava etc are the winter fruits. Citrus fruits are good for health as they contain Vitamin-C and are very helpful for people who are prone to catching colds easily.

We hope that this list of food items and beverages will help you enjoy you lovely winters. Have a healthy winter.

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