Toddlers’ physical milestones in Pakistan

Parents should notice small developments in their children with time and that is healthy and if your child is not doing all this then you should contact a doctor.

Following are some of the milestones a toddler should be overcoming with the appropriate age:

  • Throwing and kicking a ball (12 months)
    Soon after her first birthday, Pakistani child will show interest in ball play — first by throwing, then by kicking at age 2 To help her along for throwing, Pakistani parents should start by rolling a small soft ball back and forth between them, soon, she’ll want to throw it.
  • Pushing and pulling (12 to 18 months)
    Once Pakistani child’s a confident walker, he’ll discover the joy of dragging or pushing toys along. And all the while he’ll improve his coordination, since he’ll be walking forward while occasionally looking back. So offer him some pull or push toys to play with, or Pakistani parents can make one by attaching a string to a toy car.
  • Squatting (12 to 18 months)
    Up to now, Pakistani child has had to bend down to pick things up off the ground. But soon, she’ll try to squat instead. To help her along when she starts to stoop over for an object, Pakistani parent should show her how to bend her knees to squat.
  • Climbing (12 to 24 months)
    Pakistani child climb up on the kitchen table (or your desk or the bed) for the obvious reason, because it’s there. Pakistani child at this age is trying to find a balance between risk and challenge.



Parents should notice small developments in their children with time and that is healthy.

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