Tell Your Children To See Eid Moon On Roof

Eid is a holy celebration of Muslims. It is purely a religious celebration and is announced after watching the moon of next Islamic month which is Shawal. For years Muslims are in practice to see moon on the roof with their families and relatives. After watching moon they make prayers and believe that the prayers reach the acceptance.

A decade back it was a custom to watch moon on the roofs of houses, children used to become excited for seeing moon. No matter the weather is clear or not everybody put their effort to find moon. After watching moon they made prayers and show greetings to each other.

Now the custom is ending, there is no charm among adults and in children to put effort to search moon on the roofs. It is the age of technology, all the information is on the distance of single touch. A person considers it stupidity to spend lot of time in searching moon. So the behaviors of parents are influencing the minds of kids of new generations. They have no interest in the traditional custom of watching moon and giving the moon greetings to their friends and family.

Tradition of seeing moon by oneself is now rapidly fading. Instead of adults kids also know that they can find the more correct information regarding Eid moon by using technological sources like internet and news channels. Some how it is good to find correct information so quickly but it is harmful for our traditions. Our kids are becoming strangers to our religious obligations and traditions.

Human being is a social animal. It is impossible for him to live in isolation, but the current alarming situation is being avoided by parents. There is a strong need to develop strong association of kids with the religious customs and traditions. It will help kids in socializing. In current scenario if parents ask their kids to see moon on the roof, they give strange looks that makes parents feel that they have asked for something wrong. Then they innocently advise you to stick in front of TV and wait for the official announcement.

Such behavior of depending so much on technological sources is not healthy for their social livings. Parents should address this issue by giving awareness to their kids about this beautiful tradition of seeing moon on roof. For this you can tell them about the excitement of your childhood for moon. How people get excited for seeing moon, how much precocious memories you have of seeing moon with your family.

Now it is a great opportunity for you to educate your kids about the tradition of searching moon on roof with the family and elevate excitement in your kids. Make sure this Ramadan you are going to see moon with your kids on roof of your house, not on TV channels.

The tradition of seeing moon on the roof of your house with your family is now ending. Parents should teach their kids about these traditions as these traditions are the threads of our society. For strong social bonds you should give awareness of these tr

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