Sweeten Your Taste With Black Forest Cake

Black forest Cake a most popular German Dessert. Originally Black Forest is German Dessert but later on it become most lovingly cake in almost all the regions. Some of the different regions make this cake with different formations. Like Swedish Black Forest cake, American Black Forest Cake. 

Here is the Black Forest Cake Recipe. 

Ingredients for Sponge Cake of Black Forest:

  • Eggs 6

  • Dark Chocolate 50g

  • Coco Powder 25g

  • Plain Flour 125g

  • Sugar 150g

  • Baking Powder 1 ¼ tea-sp

  • Pinch of Salt

  • Roasted Hazelnuts Grounded 150g

  • Few drops of Vanilla essence


Method to Bake Black Forest Sponge:

Beat the eggs with electric beater. Beat it for five to 10 minutes so that it become like white cream. Then add sugar slowly means in three parts and beat the egg and sugar thoroughly. After mixing it well add the dark chocolate in it. Now leave your beater and take the spatula. 

Strain the flour, coco powder and baking powder in separate pan. Now add this slowly in Eggs mixture and mix it with spatula spoon. Add few drops of Vanilla essence and roasted walnuts. Now grease the pan and bake it for 20 minutes on 180 degree centigrade. The oven should be pre-heated.

  • For Filling of Black Forest Cake: 

  • Fresh Cream 100ml

  • Butter 125 g

  • Icing Sugar 50g

  • 1cup red cherries

  • Sugar syrup half cup

  • Grated/chopped dark chocolate


Method of filling:

Whipped the fresh cream, butter and icing sugar with electric beater until it come fluffy.

Make sure that your sponge is now cool on room temperature. After baking give it rest for at least 4 to 5 hours. Now apply sugar syrup on sponge so that it becomes most moist. Coat properly some of whipped cream on half part of sponge then fill it with cherries and chopped chocolates. 

Cover up it with another part of sponge and cover all the cake with rest of whipped cream.

Garnishing of Black Forest Cake:

You can put roasted walnuts and grated chocolate on the sides of cake. Put cherries on upper side and sprinkle rest of the dark grated chocolate.

Your Black Forest Cake is ready, refrigerate it for some hours and enjoy!!


Black forest Cake a most popular German Dessert. Sweeten your taste with Black Forest Cake with this easy but original taste recipe of Black Forest.

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