Relationship with your Grandparents

Among all human relationships, relationship of grandparents with their grand children is the most beneficial, healthy & safer one.

After Parents presence, grandparents are really a biggest asset for their grand children. They are the most beneficial and helpful element of the family for the young ones. They are not only cause happiness and pleasance in home but also help parents in the upbringing of their grand children. Grandparents no doubt can be a great help for parents in all kinds of their child’s growth, from physical upbringing to moral and ethical well being.

Many years back, grandparents were the main part or pillar of the family as we used to live in a joint family system where grandparents had the hole sole controller and guider of the family. But now, due to urbanization, modernization, we adopted the nuclear family system and as a result majority of the grand children grew up far away from their grandparents. Now, being modernized and want to live alone, people hardly accept the role and existence of grandparents. They take grandparents as a useless thing or a spare part of the family.

Beside this entire negative and modernize way of thinking, if we look forward and think like an optimistic, we can see the powerful role of grandparents. We can easily think and realize the role of grandparents in our life. Even now, with increasing number of women work force, families specially women trend to turn to grandparents for the upbringing & growth of their Childs. This is a very easy but wise job to use your parents for the growth of your child. You can even discuss with your child’s grandparents about your child’s health care, education, physical fitness, virtue, moral & ethical learning process. Grandparents in this way serve as care givers of their grand children. And by this great help, you can easily do your family chores as well as your professional engagements.

This is no doubt the most pleasant, peaceful, comfortable agreement between you and your child’s grandparents. You can also satisfy with the upbringing of your child by assuming yourself that your child is in safe hands. Also, your child will be well cared in your absence. This will also create a great mutual understanding and frank relationship among grandparents & grand children.

Beside the role of grandparents, being a parent it’s your duty to teach your children how to pay respect and oblige their grandparents. How they care their grandparents in response to the care and love their grandparents give to them.

By keeping these things in mind, you can not only provide your children a healthy, safer and disciplined life but also helpful to create a healthy and friendly relationship among your children and their grandparents.

Among all human relationships, relationship of grandparents with their grand children is the most beneficial, healthy and safer one.

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