Potty Training: Girls vs. Boys

Potty training can be one of the most challenging tasks for parents especially the mothers. The task of potty training gets even more challenging when differentiated amongst potty training boys versus the girls. But a little guidance and help to mothers can be a great source of information and they can tackle through the challenges of potty training quite smoothly.
Boys Confusion 
One of the most common aspects seen in boys that take them longer with potty training is that, as mostly mothers arepotty training therefore, the boys get confused with the potty training habits. It is always best that for the potty training of boys, fathers should play an important role as they can much relate to their sons and help them in making potty training easy.
Timing Differences
For mothers, it is important to understand that boys take a longer time in potty training as compared to girls. Therefore if they have trained a daughter quickly earlier and now the son is taking time in potty training then being patient with it is the best option. One of the reasons for boys to take time for potty training is that they are not mature or get matured quickly as compared to the girls.
Teaching good hygienic habits and inculcating them into your child is another integral part of potty training. But you need to go in a stepwise fashion. First, make sure that your child is fully done with potty training and goes to bathroom when required. When this step of potty training is done, move to the other, which is how to do washing and cleaning. Using of tissue papers, wet tissues, water etc. are all a part of it and teaching the importance of cleaning is extremely important in potty training with special reference to germs, infections and other health problems. Moreover, telling your kid to wash hands afterwards is another important phenomenon.
In potty training, a big difference in boys and girls comes when they are urinating. Boys mostly get confused whether they sit or stand. Therefore, in potty training, removing all these confusions is also a must factor. Conveying the message to boys in potty training that they can do both ways and stating the preferable way is also a part of potty training.

Potty training boys and girls is a bit different in many aspects but all in all, mothers need to be patient with kids when it comes to potty training.

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