Perfect Parenting Guide

Express your love: This parenting guide suggest that you say, “I love you” every day. Give him/her lots of hugs and kisses.

Listen when your child talk: According to this parenting tip, listen to your children and tell them that you think they’re important and that you’re interested in what they have to say.

Make your children feel secure: This parenting tip, Pakistan suggest that cuddle and comfort them when they are scared. Show them you’ve taken steps to protect them.

Put order in their lives. This parenting guide states that keep a regular schedule of meals, naps and bedtimes. If you have to change the schedule, tell them about the changes ahead of time.

Praise your children. If your child learns something new or behave well, tell them you are proud of them.

Criticize the behavior: According to this parenting tip, when your child makes a mistake, don’t say, "You were bad." Instead, explain what the child did wrong.

Be regular: This parenting guide states that your rules have to be clear and consistent.

Spend time with your children. Do things together, such as reading, walking, playing and cleaning the house. What children want most is your attention.

So, follow these parenting tips and raise a happy and healthy child.

There is no such thing as a perfect child or a perfect parenting. Here are some parenting tips, to help your children grow up healthy and happy.

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