Peanuts- A Vegetable

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits are the good source of nutrition & pleasure as well. Most of us love to eat fruits and vegetables, especially when it comes to delicious Peanuts.
Mostly in winters, we see peanuts in excess. Although you can have it throughout the year, from any market in raw as well as in roasted form, means in shelled & in unshelled form, salted & unsalted. Other then these forms of peanuts, peanuts butter are also widely used for so many purposes throughout the world. Especially in cooking purposes.

Besides their yummy taste, Peanuts has multi-dimensional health benefits. For example, according to a research peanuts can prevent you from diabetes and some heart diseases. Some researchers have revealed that if you will take one ounce peanuts or one table spoon of peanut butter daily only five days in a week, then you can protect yourself from Diabetes 2. Also due to the presence of monounsaturated fats, peanuts can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This monounsaturated fats plays no role in the increase of cholesterol level of the blood.

They are a Legume-a vegetable not a fruit, peanuts include resverratrol, which is advantageous in defending a human body from cancer and other viruses. Peanuts contain a heavy amount of influential antioxidants. They can also help you to slow down the aging process. Peanuts are rich in vitamin A & E, Folic acid, niacin, magnesium, Calcium, Zink, fiber and foliate. 

Another interesting benefit of peanut is that it can help you to make your waist slim. It has nothing to do with the weight gain. But you need to be bit careful about eating peanuts, as they are rich in calories as well, like only 2 table spoons of peanuts contain almost 100 calories.

 So, do enjoy peanuts but in a balance way, not in excess.


Peanuts are the ever loving and one of the most common types of vegetables, not dry fruits.

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