Pakistani Eid Food menu needs Bhuna Gosht

Pakistani Eid food is serious business. Great thought goes in deciding what to serve as Pakistani Eid food after all Pakistani Eid food is important part of the festivity. Nothing is as loved as traditional food as choice for Pakistani Eid food. Bhuna gosht is a much loved recipe if cooked well it is the ultimate pick as Pakistani Eid food.

This recipe uses cardamom, bay leaves and cinnamon stick. Fry these in hot oil. The recipe then stirs in the onions, garlic and ginger. Recipe says keep cooking until onions are golden. Add seasonings as per taste. Recipe adds tomatoes next and lets it cook for five minutes at least. Following the recipe add meat and cook for twenty more minutes. Sprinkle in water and cook till meat is tender. This recipe gives you the perfect pick for your Pakistani Eid food.

Bhuna gosht is a traditional delight; try it with this new recipe on Pakistani Eid and you will be licking your fingers clean just as your guests will be.

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