Organic Gardening within your Home

Organic gardening is a method of growing fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers that are much healthier and are not synthetically treated in anyway. This way organic gardening can provide you your own small little veggie or fruit store within your house. You can always grow herbs and other greens along with it. Organic methods are environment and wildlife friendly and are less expensive compared to other methods because there are no costly fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides required. You are basically working with nature and not against it. The best part of all is that you can do organic gardening even if u has a very small sunny space in your garden. If you have the right tools and the right soil, the small patch of organic garden is pretty simple to maintain and gives you loads of benefits. With the rising prices in Pakistan, why not grow a small amount of vegetables right within your garden at home?

organic seeds

To begin with, it is always essential to start small. Think step by step and organize a small patch for gardening. It is easier to maintain and gives you less amount of effort. A well maintained 4’ by 4’ garden can keep all the kinds of fresh vegetables and herbs that you want in your area. You do not need to over plant things. It’s not productive and might require a lot of maintenance so think small and think according to your home requirement per person.

Prepare a compost pile. It is a matter basically decomposed and recycled that acts as an organic fertilizer or soil amendment for your garden. Compost can be made from things lying right there in your garden. It can be fallen leaves, weeds or grass clippings. It can be used to enrich your soil for plant growth.

organic vegetables

The trick to successful organic gardening is great soil. Make sure your soil is fertilized and healthy. Treat it with a regular amount of compost and moisture. Make sure it is soft and weed free to get healthier plants. Try heat if you want to control weed in cracks and such areas, in the form of steam, heat gun or boiling water. But do not overdo it.

vegetable basket

Familiarize yourself with seasonal vegetables and fruits. Be aware of your local climate and then rethink your garden accordingly. It is imperative for you to keep an update on your garden’s environment for better maintenance. At the least, do consider letting clovers and other plants in and do not panic if a few weeds spring up. Most importantly, keep the natural cycle running. Invite birds, worms and insect in your garden. Some creatures can actually be beneficial for your garden. Look upon them and explore with your techniques. Keep Mother Nature close and reap its benefits to the fullest at all seasons. Happy gardening!

Try organic gardening within your home and enjoy healthy food!

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