Monsoon Soup Recipe: Bowl Of Vitamin Clear Soup

A soup can do what a medicine never can. Soups soothe and relax you and are good way to get nutrition from veggies during monsoon. Want to enjoy monsoon with a bowl of vitamin clear soup and you have never made healthy vegetable soup before and wondering how it can be done?

Try this monsoon soup recipe to warm you and build you up. It seems to be nice to enjoy rain, cool breeze and great atmosphere but it also feels nice to eat hot foods that steam up your body. Make this monsoon season even more special and enjoy hot and yummy vegetable soup in rain. Here is a recipe of soup which is totally based on vegetables.

This is a light and nourishing soup that will lend a touch of warmth to the rainy days. This is a simple but hearty soup recipe filled with essential nutrients. This vegetable soup not only warm up your body but also give adequate necessary vitamins to your body. Enjoy this monsoon weather with a bowl of soup.

Ingredients to cook vegetable soup

Ingredients you will need to prepare hot and delicious vegetable soup for you are:

Beetroot cubes     2 cups

Carrot cubes         2cups

Tomato cubes        2 cups

Green chilies         3(optional)

Tamarind pulp        2 TBSP

Red chili powder    1 Tsp (optional)

Coriander powder  1 Tsp

Cumin powder        1 Tsp

Salt                        to taste

Asafetida               ½ Tsp

Oil or ghee            2 Tsp

Seasoning or thadka

Cumin seeds        1 and ½ Tsp

Mustard seeds     1 and ½ Tsp

Dry red chilies      2

Rasam powder     2 Tsp

Mashed garlic cloves       4

A Sprigs of curry leaves  4

You can also use lemon juice or cranberries in the place of tamarind pulp.


1. To prepare hot and yummy vegetable soup, you have to blend beetroot, carrots, tomatoes and green chilies.  

2. Now heat two table spoon oil or ghee (whatever you choose) in a heavy bottom pan.

3. Then add seasoning and let it splutter.

4. Add blended vegetables puree to the seasoning and also add ten cups of water in it.

5. Add chili powder, coriander powder and cumin powder and rasam powder and tamarind pulp.

6. Stir it and let it boil for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also add coriander leaves. It is upto your choice.

Now hot and delicious vegetable soup is ready. You have got yourself simple side soup. Enjoy this soup in rain.

It is very simple in preparing and does not take your enough time. This soup recipe is quick and easy to cook. This soup recipe is comforting and filling and you will make it again and again in monsoon season.

This vegetable soup is enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins which will keep your body warm and also energize you in the rainy weather. This healthy soup can also be the main dish if serve with some toasted garlic bread and a side salad.

Warm up from the inside out with the monsoon soup recipe. This is easy and quick to cook and a great way to warming up in rainy weather. The vegetable soup is an ideal family friend meal during monsoon season. It will not only warm up your body but also p

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