Married Vs Single Moms

The circumstance of married moms and single moms are entirely different. A mother is a mother and it is not an easy task to give birth and raise children. Married moms have relatively a comfortable life as compared to single moms and one of the major reasons is financial restraints. Finances matter a lot while bringing up children since you have to invest so much in their education and living.
For married moms their financial backup is way stronger than single moms. Single moms have to do everything on their own from raising children, paying for their education and also taking care of themselves. Single moms need to work twice as hard as married moms to earn money and reduce the financial restraints.
Parenting is a process which is ideal when both the parents are raising their children. The support of each other is what makes things easy for regular parents. As far as single moms are concerned they do not have the support of their better half and the entire baggage is on their shoulders. Married moms share that burden with their other half and things become way easy as compared to single moms. There are so many things that single moms have to give up on, their sole reason for living is their children and how they can give them the best of the best. The support of your spouse is extremely important.
Single moms also face a bigger difficulty in raising their children as compared to married moms because in our culture and society the father is the one who sets the discipline in children. It becomes really difficult for single moms to discipline their children because kids usually don’t take their mother too seriously the way they would take their father. Single moms also face a great amount of difficulty keeping their children’s mental health intact because seeing your parents splitting is probably the worse that a child can face.
But then again moms are moms single or married. It is eminent how single moms face far more difficulties than married moms but even then moms have this great potential and strength in them to give their children the best and this is what they live for and this is what they strive for in life.

There is a huge difference between married and single mothers because the circumstances are entirely different. The life for both the moms is equally hard since it is not an easy task to give birth and raise children.

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