Make Your Floor Look Shiny With Floor Coatings

Set up a style in your house by painting your floor. Shiny floor coating is an old technique to add interest underfoot. If you want shiny look just paint your floor with beautiful colors. A painted floor is a less expensive alternative to replacing surfaces entirely.

A solid floor coating can conceal unsightly cracks and highlight furnishing and add an instant dramatic look to your house. So don’t be afraid to tackle wood and concrete floors and use this technique to give a new touch to your home.

Most of the people tend to focus on removing carpets and rugs in summers. They want the floors to be uncovered. A spectrum of beautiful colors will work brilliantly on your floors of your home. It’s amazing that how the floor painting can transform the overall look of your home. Painted floors can be the best solution to freshen up a space and add character.

Painting a floor is the most important element in a home décor. Floor coating is cool way to add shine to your home floor. It depends upon your choice that whether you choose the one color throughout your home or different colors in all rooms. Shining on the floor reflects the finishing. A house renovation would be incomplete without shining finishing. Add oil based paint to your home floors to give a shiny look.

Painting a floor is one of the quickest and more powerful makeovers. Floor coating is designed to enhance shine to your home floor. If you want to keep it simple then black and white contrast is perfect. White floor coating makes your room broad and airy and also adds shine to your home floor.

Why not put the sky on the floor? Use blue paint to give a cool look. Blue is natural color that brightens your home floor. Classical blue with a touch of white is ideal in a home with less space. It makes the room look broad. Painting proved to be a solution which brings a fresh bright style to each bedroom.

Bold colors like yellow, green, red can be sued for floor paint in your kid’s room. Colorful things always attract the kids. The bold shining colors make your home the chicest one.

Floor coatings add shine and glamour to your house. You can choose the color of your choice for your home floor. There are some important points that you must remember before considering floor coatings.

1. Never ever use latex on the floor.

Oil based paints are much durable on your floor. Oil based paints are the best way to add shine to your home floors.

2. Make sure that floor is clean before painting it.

Vacuum and wipe down the floor thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt. It’s a great way to start. 

3. Coat paint on the floor step by step.

Complete it with three coats. This is general rule for painting. At the end you will have a shiny, clean and beautiful floor that establishes a new style.

Making Your floor look shiny with floor coatings will conceal unsightly cracks on the floor besides adding shining. This shining freshen up the space and add an instant dramatic look to your home. Make your floor look shiny by choosing this technique step

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