Living near the Ocean or Inland? Which Is Healthier ?

Pakistan has many revolutionary changes in the living standards of the human beings. Along with, many health hazards and problems cause human beings to suffer. Geographically, Pakistan is located in the region where rain fall is low and climate is arid. That ultimately means that interaction of its habitants is less with the natural sources of water like oceans and rivers. Best health ideas are frequently dealing with the natural resources.

Fast growing population and mushrooming of traffic vehicles has brought many sufferings. In the process of human development health care tips and best health ideas has occupied the most important position as it is most needed in the time of industrial development. Many researchers have been associated in this job in order to find the best health ideas so that the effect of pollution and over population can be minimized.

According to the natural scientists and traditional beliefs natural health care tips are more effective as their origin is natural and pure. Analysis of Pakistan census 1998 shows that the people living near sea regions and countryside are enjoying better health. Case study of millions of people living in Karachi and inlands of Punjab shows that one of the best possible health care tips recommends people to live or at least visit coastal regions frequently. Medilol, one of the leading Pharmaceutical portal, rated this idea as one of the best health ideas that living near ocean would not only ensure relatively best health it would also play an important part in reducing the inequalities and issues among the rich and poor class of the society.

There are many health care tips that have been discussed by many physiologists and doctors in order to tackle the perceived health hazards of the industrial development. Doctor Muhammad Rehan Gul, A Pharmacist from University of Lahore, presented his studies and discussed best health ideas. He believed that natural environment and natural drinks like water and juices is ideal for best health and recommend natural health care tips by encouraging people to spend their major part of the life by seas and oceans rather than inland. It has been observed commonly that most of the doctors recommend some health care tips and give best health ideas as per their study and research and according to the studies conducted one can see that the most recommended healthier sites are either hill stations or some sea side or coastal region. Some natural health care tips may include laughter, calm attitude and simple life but the living by the sea is of prime importance.

It has many benefits that cannot be covered by any other best health ideas. living by sea i.e. in Gawadar not only ensure fresh air and pollution free environment but it would also assure the tension free environment, simple life full of natural blessings and benefits.

Many naturalists rated natural environment as the most desirable among all natural health care tips and best health ideas. One of the leading portals dealing with the natural health care tips has listed many best health ideas and stated clearly that the inland inhabitants cannot enjoy the pleasures that can be enjoyed the people living by the sea side. Let me quote some best health ideas in order to let people know that the life can be made much simpler.

Some of the natural health care tips are:

1.    Living by sea side.

2.    Laughter instead of medicine.

3.    Natural health care tips and best health ideas should be practiced.

4.    Breathing natural air like sea breeze.

5.    Avoid pollution and pollutants.

6.    Promotion of Best health ideas.

7.    Inland pollutions and health hazards should be minimized as per prescriptions of those who have command on the subject of Natural health care tips and best health ideas.

8.    Health care tips should be taught as primary education.

Everyone has some sort of health problem because of material development and growing population in Pakistan. In order to deal with the current health scenario, many physicians and doctors of the Pakistan have brought best health ideas and many Natural hea

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