Let your Child select his own Style

For children, dressing up is like an event that takes them to a whole new world of experience and creativity. Their ridiculously active imagination ponders over colors and designs that are being put on them as their dresses and if those colors and designs are not of their choice, those little innocents will feel much like ‘chained’ rather then ‘dressed’. It’s always better to let your children select their dresses by themselves for it helps in developing their fashion sense, imagination and creativity.

Children sometimes try to copy their favorite fairytale characters, something that they dream about, but if they are being interfered, they loose ambition; they loose the urge to follow their dreams. So it’s always important for parents to let their kids choose whatever they want.

At the age of 2, a child start developing his sense of relating and choosing things, he develops his favorites, likes and dislikes. So if you are a super mommy of a 2 year old girlie, select a pair of tom boy outfit, a girlie outfit in pink, or a bright and shiny red colored skirt and ask your girl to choose from them. In the same way choose some pairs of shoes and ask your child to select. In this way you will have an idea of likes and dislikes of your child.

If your super cute girlie opts to go red, she is likely to become a sweet and sassy chic. If most of her favorites are ice-cream pastel shades, you will discover a sweet country girl from fairytales in her. If she chooses pants and shirts, then she is probably going to be a super hot tom boy girl.  It is very important for children to have a catharsis; children may not express themselves in words so they opt to express themselves with colors and dresses and this is your duty as a parent to let them express what they feel like.

If children are always ordered to wear certain dresses that are not their choice, they may loose their confidence and self esteem and their innocent imagination will simply lost in the darkest corners of their dresses. Allowing your children to wear what they want is like encouraging their creativity and self expression that helps in developing their identity as an individual.

In addition to that, it’s also important for parents to teach their children the differences and use of fabrics according to weather when they are 3. When a child turns 4, he is fully ready to dress by his own, selecting and choosing colors that satisfy his imagination and soothe his ridiculously active fantasies into the magical gardens of wonderland.

So next time when you want to buy your children some new fashion collection, make sure to take them along for shopping for you don’t want to bound their creativity in the chains of colorful dresses.


For children, dressing up is like an event that takes them to a whole new world of experience and creativity.

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