Important Factors for Successful Parenting

Parenting is an important job and it is the key element of it is about making wise choices in order to prepare young men and women to become responsible adults when they grow up.

It is basically a discipline in a way that teaches responsibility by motivating our children internally; building their self-esteem and makes them feel loved. So it is definitely a very important and responsible work to do by parents to make their children responsible citizens and be able to stand out to be the best in future. Many people believe that it is the job of the parents to make their children turn out the right. And yes it is, but the job requires so much work to do.

It is not about using shortcuts or scolding or beating your children and making them stick to the righteous path. But, it is about understanding them what they want or what they actually need. It is about making a healthy and friendly relation with them. There are many things that parents need to think of when they think of their children. They should not impose their decisions on them as it will block the deeper parent child love and may result in negative consequences.  

Here in the article, you will find some simple and amazing factors that parents should keep in mind and should follow to develop a healthy relation with their children and to do successful parenting.

Use genuine encounter moments (GEMS): This is an important factor that parents should keep in mind for successful parenting. It is important for parents to realize that they need to spend quality time with their children and not the amount of the time spent.  It is important for the parents to take out some time from their busy schedule and give it to their children. Also, they should listen to their children what they are saying instead of ignoring and pretending as if listening. There should be engaging and friendly moments between the parents and the children.

Use action, not words: It is not at all recommended or a good strategy to yell at your child or scold them every time they make a mistake. It will make your child getting afraid a lot from you and will try to hide things from you. This will also not make your child do what you want them to do. If they make a mistake, being a parent it is your duty to show them how to do it in the correct manner and then let them see the consequence if they do not follow what you say. Actions are better than louder or harsh words.

Correct negatives: It is a factor of successful parenting that they correct harmful behaviors, attitudes and world views. Parents should not do this using a rod. Parents need to teach their children how to get along with others, how to get results and how to achieve their dreams. Parents should teach their children discipline and should not be motivated by anger, pride as it causes harm rather than resulting in benefit. Instead, it should be motivated by love and respect.

Encourage positives: Parenting is a job of responsibility and it takes energy, strategy. Many parents do not pay much attention due to which as a result their children are shaped by the people around them rather than their parents. Successful parenting requires encouraging good habits of your children with discouraging unhealthy habits. Parents consistently model the behavior of their children and think the best of their children. They praise their good habits publically and privately also.

Letting go sometimes: Parenting is something that is not just trying to make your children be the ones that you want. It requires a lot of energy, time, and sweat and also it requires believing in your children and giving them space to make their own decisions and choose their own paths. It is difficult for some parents and they neglect to let go that later causes harm. So, to create balance wise choices should be made to make your children best persons to be released when they grow up.

Separate the deed from the doer: This is a very important factor that parents should separate the deeds from the doer. This means that parents should not tell the children that they are bad; instead, they should tell them that what they are doing is bad. This directly hurts and attacks on their self-esteem. So telling him that he is not the one that you are not tolerating but it is his behavior. Children should feel like that they are loved unconditionally and should be carefully told that what is not appropriate keeping in mind their self-esteem.

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