How to Fix Simple and Small Outdoor Living Spaces

Here are some impressive ideas to fix simple and small outdoor living spaces. 

1. Make Swing cum Seating Area:

If you are having porch, patio or deck that is neglected somehow then you can transform that ordinary outdoor place into an open air living area by adding some simple things like hanging swing, a rug and wooden chair, mood lighting etc. Encourage your guests and family members to sway on a slatted-wood porch swing (to give natural look hang your swing with sturdy ropes rather than chains).

Place some cushions on swing to add value and comfort to your outdoor place. By adding candle lanterns you can create a subtle nighttime glow. You can hang it on ceiling or place it on table or railings. It is easy to move wherever you need them and require no wiring too. Moreover, if your porch is covered than you may also place indoor furnishings like rug, small table and rocker, outside.


2. Expand Your Interiors:

With your creative sense your outdoor spaces can be an extension of your interiors. You can expand your bedroom by opening French doors out to lounge areas and can connect them by arranging your furniture in contrast color schemes. You can also make a small kitchen feel big and airy with doors that lead out to an external dining area.

But with this arrangement you should be careful about two things; firstly, your kitchen should always be neat and clean so that any guest or family member can feel good rather than messy and secondly there should be no hurdle between kitchen and dining that you can easily move your food trolley or crockery from kitchen to dining.

3. Enjoy Outdoor Cooking:

It is not necessary to do just BBQ party outside, building an outdoor kitchen is an extra luxury. You can create outdoor kitchen on your roof or terrace or patio. Have a look on this outdoor kitchen and its built-in dishwasher. It is perfect utilization of a space and to give treat to your guests and family in airy area.


4. Children Play Area:

You can utilize your patio or deck by making children play area. With this the space will be used in proper way as well as children will make mess outside rather than inside the house. Place a plastic pallet on the floor so that it can be washed or cleaned easily.

Place a colorful rack to store painting tools, coloring books, color pencils, etc and a big basket to store kid’s toys. You can paint that area’s walls with different themes of your children’s choice like cartoon theme, fairy theme, nature theme. In summer season you may also place a small pool tub there for your kids to play and enjoy inside pool.

5. Stand in the Garden:

Tall hedges can subdivide a garden in a way that guarantees privacy and creates an attractive backdrop. A wall or a fence might have been just as serviceable for the cherished dining niche, but neither would have matched the simple grace of green partitions.

Cover your small area with natural green hedges. Spread and cover your floor with small marble stones, then place wooden moveable chairs and small round table in the center. It will become perfect private space to enjoy hi-tea in evening or dinner at night.


6. Stack the Deck:

With space at a finest on the deck, custom walls and cabinets can create several user-friendly options. You can place plants on them so they lift the garden to knee level and above, they will be accessed easily for cultivation and maintenance.

If you are having built-in storage on your deck than you can keep your bicycle out of sight but within reach when it is needed. Hope all these unique and easy to do ideas will help you to fix your simple and small outdoor living spaces and turn them into exquisite space so that everyone would love to be there and enjoy fresh air with all comfort.

People who think that one can just utilize spaces and decorate big homes and garden are absolutely wrong. You can create a great impact on small areas too by using your sharp mind.

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