High Fructose Corn Syrup: Good or Bad?

Just like every other thing available over the shelves of your favorite super store, corn syrup is simply one of the thousands of edible items available. High fructose corn syrup is simply a sweetener that is created to be added in a variety of processed foods, desserts and different specialty food items. But recently, there has been a debate going on whether high fructose corn syrupis good for health or a bad option. Despite the fact that this heated discussion on corn syrup goes on, it still remains our favorite because it is an integral part of our favorite ketchups, chocolates, salad dressings, crackers and what not.

According to a recent study, corn syrup is one of the primary causes of obesity in many parts of the world particularly U.S.A. where it is widely being used in various sodas and carbonated drinks. It is being considered as a chemical waste, a toxic by many doctors and researches whose one serving is equivalent to nine tablespoons of sugar.

Another hazard that is being created by corn syrup is diabetes and high blood pressure. The high levels of fructose in corn syrup and other artificial ingredients makes corn syrup a key to risky health hazards which has serious consequences for life. Moreover, expecting mothers who have a higher intake of corn syrup not only put themselves at risk but it leads to different health problems for the babies as well including premature births.

After all this hype had being risen at peaks, the corn refiners association and FDA claims that their researches show that corn syrup is not as hazardous to health as much as the hype has being created. However, they do agree that it does and can lead to obesity and weight issues for many people due to a high caloric content. One of the main facts for this is that corn syrup is a manmade thing and it does not occur naturally. Therefore, for humans, the best sugars can only be the ones that occur naturally. Moreover, as corn syrup is a cheap substitute to many naturally occurring sugars, therefore, relying on it can be economical but overuse of it can cause havoc to health.

But here we need to understand that just like everything else that we eat, excess of anything can lead to serious consequences. The same rules apply to the corn syrup intake as well. All we need to do is to keep a good check on our food intake and the amount of corn syrup being put into various processed foods. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite foods without being scared away by the hazards of corn syrup. For an even better caloric count and check on the intake of corn syrup in our daily diets, you can always consult a good nutritionist and get information on processed foods that have excess corn syrup.

The debate about high fructose corn syrup has become a matter of concern for many dieticians and doctors who believe that it is one of the reasons for different health challenges amongst people. Therefore, for us, it is very important to understand how to

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