Guide to Teething Symptoms and Remedies for Kids

Teething can cause kid’s health. See kid’s health guide regarding Teething Symptoms:

It is not necessary that teething affect on all kids, however some children may feel significant discomfort. Teething can begin from the third month age of your child till his third birthday. But mostly teething affects on kid’s health during his first year. The first kid’s health guide regarding teething is drooling.

You might feel Drooling in the baby more than usual. The starting stage of drooling will be from 3 to 4months age of your baby. Increase in drooling may cause the skin irritation around chin and mouth of your baby.

Biting & gnawing is another teething symptom in kid’s health. Baby nips little at your fingers or on feeders. The biting pressure will help to relieve the pain temporarily.

Diarrhea can be a symptom of teething in child. This can affect kid’s health badly. Some doctors are still not agreed that Diarrhea symptoms are because of teething. However a latest research study in Australia found that diarrhea is one of the common symptoms of Teething.

Crankiness is also common symptom of teething in kid’s health. Child may not sleep well in nights. Feel restless due to gum discomfort. Fasting, children refuse to eat well during teething process.

Coughing, running nose and cold like symptoms can also appear during teething process in child.
Some time child may face low-grade fever.
In some children Pain in the gums may spread to ears, due to which baby rub their cheeks and pulling ears?
A very common and tough symptom of teething for mothers is baby’s bad temper and irritability.

Kid’s health guide to relief teething symptoms:

  • Massage with your clean finger in baby’s tooth area.
  • Visit you doctor if your child is getting serious problems with teething symptoms.
  • Place ice cubes in a handkerchief, washcloths or in the feeder, this will help to relief pain in gums
  • Buy good quality teething toys. Avoid freezing these teething toys; it can be harmful for baby tooth. You can buy hard rubber toys, teething rings and cold teething toys to chew.
  • There are teething gels available in markets. Apply these gels with your cleaned hands on baby’s gums.
  • If diarrhea, fever occurs, contact your doctor immediately.

At the end, teething in child is little tough for parents as well. Once your child gets a tooth, good dental care should start. When baby reach on his first year age, you can clean tooth with soft brush with simple water.

Teething can be a tough & painful process for babies and their moms as well. Here’s some important info about kid’s health regarding teething.

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