Diet Chart in Ramadan

Among all Muslim countries the tradition of eating fried and heavy food is quite popular during Ramadan. Though everyone should keep in mind that even in Ramadan they should follow a healthy diet plan and they should try to their diet as simple as possible. We should know that in month of Ramadan our routine gets changed as meals are limited to the morning and evening that causes our body’s metabolism to slow. A person usually suffers from lack of sleep, over eating or acidity due to in appropriate diet.

Not just from health point of view but also from Islamic point of view, a healthy balanced diet is necessary. Ramadan is not to just eat and eat; we should remember its basic motive and demands. One should spend time in following Islamic saying and do lots of prayers and for this if you eat healthy and balanced diet, you will keep yourself active all day long to perform farz and sunnah.

Consider some points while making a diet chart: 

  1. One should divide his food into three meals; Morning meal (sehri) when the fast starts, evening meal (Iftar) when the fast broken and third one is dinner.

  2. In Sehri one should include a complex carbohydrate (rich in fibre) food that is found in grains and seeds as fiber-rich foods help in increasing the feeling of fullness endorse good blood glucose levels and help with regularity. These foods include whole wheat roti, daal, beans, brown rice, bajara, bran, fruits and vegetables that should be taken specifically in saher.

  3. One should also add fiber enrich food in dinner time too as fasting during the day can also increase stomach acid content and cause feelings of pain or discomfort and if you add high-fiber foods in your dinner than it can help in neutralizing this acid and alleviate pain. But remember to increase fluids while in taking fiber to prevent excessive gas.

  4. As ramdan is coming in summer this year than one should drink as much fluid as possible (preferably water and fresh juices but not cold drinks). It is recommended to take at least 8-12 glasses of water between iftar and bedtime so that your body may regulate fluid levels in time for the next day.

  5. Dates and juices are traditionally consumed in iftar. Take three dates and 120 ml of juice or water to normalize possibly low sugar level (hypoglycemia) and get the much needed instant energy along with hydration. But it doesn’t mean to take so called instant energy drinks as they are too much dangerous for your body. 

  6. It’s better to bake or grill foods instead of frying but if you wants to add fried item then add just one fried item and decrease the amount of oil while frying (measure the oil in spoonfuls rather than of just pouring it from the bottle).

Here is a diet plan that includes ingredients from the major five groups of food but remember fluids intake (juices, milk shakes, lassi, smoothies) and dates should add in each meal.

  • Seheri: a bowl of porridge with milk, one slice of toast and a handful of unsalted nuts.

  • Iftar: Whole wheat chapati with chicken, salad and daal and one or two pieces of baklava.

  • Seheri: Wheat-based cereal with milk, a chapti or bran bread with scrambled egg and an apple or banana.

  • Iftar: White meat either chicken or fish with boiled rice, vegetable curry, fruit chat or fresh fruit salad by adding little amount of cream.

  • Seheri: A bowl of breakfast cereal, paratha with French omelet.

  • Iftar: Baked/ grilled fish with roasted vegetables or curry with rice followed by sweet vermicelli or one piece of jalebi.

  • Seheri: Cheese or yogurt, one teaspoon of jam with toast, and a handful of dry fruits

  • Iftar: pasta cooked with vegetables and white meat, and a slice of plain cake with custard.

As we all know that the Holy month of Ramadan is just about to come now. In the whole month of Ramadan, all Muslims get ready for fasting and prayers. They do fast from the time of Sehri (sun rise) till Iftar (sunset) and they do some special preparations

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