Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Post-Baby Weight Loss

There is nothing more important for a new mother than her own health and diet. Usually, many mothers get post-baby fat which is thought to stay forever. However that is not the case as the post-baby weight can easily be reduced and all the ladies can get back to their beautiful healthy shape.

There are many ways to reduce you weight right after you have had you baby. Post-baby weight can be lost through healthy eating, exercising and breast feeding. Yes, breast feeding is a great way of keeping yourself in shape so try and breastfeed your baby. Read on to know the foods which are excellent for you to get back to your healthy shape.


Eggs are extremely good to stay healthy and get the necessary proteins for new mothers. An egg a day, preferably hard boiled is delicious, filling and not at all fattening.


You can take the egg in breakfast so that you can burn the heaviness away in the day.


They keep you full and are extremely healthy too. The necessary nutrients which ensure your mental and physical health after pregnancy and delivery are all there is various nuts.


So, eat a handful every day and keep them in pockets and bags to get a grab on them whenever you feel like it.

Green Vegetables

The best kind of food that you can eat in order to shed off post-baby weight and even after that, are green vegetables.

Green Vegetables

They are not at all fattening, boost your metabolism, and keep you full without accumulating any fat on your body. You can add them in salads and cook them in very little oil to try different recipes.



Munching healthy and yummy cereals throughout the day (usually in the morning and at lunch time) is very good for keeping you from hunger pangs. Cereals are nutritious and excellent for body toning. It is best if you have your bowl of cereal with milk in order to get the benefits of milk too.



Having grilled fish in your post delivery period is a brilliant idea. Eat grilled fish or fish in salads at least thrice a week (one meal a day). Fish is rich in omega 3 which is excellent for hair, nails and skin. Many new mothers complain that their hair, nails and skin are not in a healthy state so, fish is the solution to those problems too along with making you slim. Grilled fish does not make you fat as there is no fat in it.

Food with Vitamin C

vitamin c

Women who have especially gone through a C-section deliver, Vitamin C is the thing for them. But not just them, women who had normal deliveries should also increase the intake of orange juice, tomato soup etc. as they are enriched with vitamin c and are excellent from health’s point of view and making you get back in shape. Vitamin C has excellent healing qualities too.

So, now that you know that getting back in shape and shedding off post-baby weight is not hard at all, start making the above mentioned food items a necessary part of your everyday meals Drink water and exercise as much as you can (not exceeding the doctor’s limit of course as the body is still getting back to normal). These foods are highly economical and easily available so there are no worries for any new mother trying to get rid of post-baby fat.

Post-Baby weight loss tips are what all new mothers seek. There are ways in which you can get healthy and lost the Post-baby weight. Read on to know more on this health issue.

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