Dental Health Dangers that Everyone Should Know

As the winter arrive people prefer staying at home rather than hanging out for food, probably 90% of people go for takeaway. But be sure you’re well aware of the oral health issues related to food you’re having.

A feminist critic writes that cooking food and presenting it beautifully is an act of servitude and it is a way of expressing affection through a gift but I’d certainly oppose this opinion for food being sold on fast food chains today.

Yes! These days food must be presented lavishly but isn’t healthy at all. All food lovers are attracted to well offered food, not just that but thriving deals make the scrumptious food more accessible that makes a fool out of customers.

I being a youngster am attracted to all food chains serving quickly and finger licking meals whenever I’m dying with hunger. What’s that striking about this food being sold rather than food cooked at home? Nothing else, they just are master minds! I don’t think so anybody knows better than them about how to tackle our brains. What actually they do is somewhat I’ve tried to have a close look at.

Styling Techniques

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The skillful hands of the food stylist are constantly at work on recipe shoots, that’s what they are really good at. “Good lighting is essential for a good food photo,” according to some food stylist. Lighting is therefore plays an important role in tricking us, not only this but framing the dishes, adding some eye catching colors to food, and finally giving it a presentation touch by hook or by crook drag our stomach towards unhealthy diet.

Tooth Decay and Takeaway


This might sound something weird but a fact, “tooth decay is directly proportional to takeaway”.  Mostly at nights when hunger strikes we immediately go for a call to our favorite restaurant but we being super hungry never thought of what ingredients do actually that meal is made of. A renowned dentist states that many famous chains offering takeaway contains food having a lot of added ingredients that can cause a severe destruction to our teeth.

Destruction Due to Acid

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Among many demanding food items pizza is one of the most eaten fast food around the world. Pizzas apart from their craving are quite damaging to our teeth, question arises “How?” Answer to this question might be appealing to you! Carbohydrates is what comprises the pizza bases, which are dissolved swiftly but leaves flow of acid inside mouth and hence combines with tartness of tomatoes. This causes unadorned erosion of enamel of teeth.

Colors to food- Stains on tooth


Colors add liveliness to many things in life. But unfortunately it’s not the case with food we eat outside, instead it snatches away the unique color of our teeth. Indians and Chinese are two major nations which make excessive use of colors in their diet, now this may be as a Soya sauce, curry powder or any other ingredient in order to add taste to that meal.

Thinking of only beverages as a tooth staining agent is not fair, the food we have contains more than a beverage. To be on a safer side people should use broccoli or spinach in their salad bar that can provide a protective layer on their teeth and can reduce the harm of appetizing and evil colors.

Excessive Chewing leads to Jaw Ache

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Dentists suggest that eating more chewy food leads to contraction of jaw muscles, and causes jaw ache. Having excess of chewy food such as kebabs etc. can cause strain in mouth, one way to get rid of such pains is quite simple! Make sure you chew with your jaws evenly, not constantly form one side. This one sided chewing can overextend the muscles and then no matter if the food is how delicious you won’t be loving it anymore.

Are you facing dental health issues when it comes to your favorite food? Here are some hidden secret you should know.

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