Cold Weather: Take Precautions Before the Chill Gets You

The cold weather is such a beauty and with little care and precaution, you can add more to its beauty. After all, you enjoy any weather best when you are in perfect shape and good health condition. Cold weather can be a little less charming if you got throat infection or dry scaly skin or bad health.

Let us see how you can stay fit and fight off the infections.

  • Your throat and neck are particularly prone to infections in winters. You are advised to maintain dental hygiene and take healthy diet. Avoid cold drinks completely. Fall is when there is increased pollen count and viral infections & throat infections are common. If you get one, gargle your throat with lukewarm salt water or hydrogen peroxide. Take herbal tea with lemon. Always keep your mouth clean because bacteria can build up in your mouth pretty fast to cause infections.

  • Dry skin worsens in winters and causes irritation. Moisturize your skin to keep it well-hydrated. Apply lotion or skin oils and see a dermatologist if you develop a skin condition called eczema.

  • Take vitamin D supplements because sometimes food does not contain enough vitamin D to meet our body needs. In addition, take sunshine to boost vitamin D production in your body. Open the windows and shades to let the sun peep through.

  • Make it a point to exercise regularly or as much as you can in a week i.e. 150 minutes at least. Exercise cures your body aches and strengthens your bones by keeping your body and weight in shape. Brisk walk, aerobics and swimming are good.

  • For some reason, slips and falls are more common in winters. Watch out for the elderly in your house because the old age and chilled weather can increase the confusion and dizziness.

Don’t we all wait for the fall and winters each year… the cold weather, dry fruits, warm clothes and weddings? But watch out for the throat infection, dry skin and chapped lips. Learn how you can stay healthy in fall and winters.

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