Celebrity Dentists Tips For Brighter Smile

Do you want whiter teeth? We all do because whiter teeth brighten and beautify the smile. It’s a fact that in creating stunning personality white pearly teeth contribute a lot. Look at your smile in a mirror, what do you observe? Have your teeth lost their pearly whitening? If so is the case then your favorite celebrities may be source of inspiration for you.

Their brighter than the bright smile may compel you to give a few extra minutes of attention to your teeth. Top celebrity dentists have revealed some secrets and valuable tips for teeth whitening. Readout the tips and follow them to get brighter smile like your favorite celebrities. 

Brushing teeth twice a day with whitening tooth paste is a must for whitening teeth along with professional cleaning of teeth in every six months. According to Jennifer Jablows who cares for gorgeous Ford models, “though whitening tooth pastes don’t contain whitening pigment called peroxide, these toothpastes are responsible for eliminating superficial stains and plaque from teeth”. 

Along with whitening toothpastes, Jablows also suggests to use electric toothbrush which is helpful in banishing plaque from teeth by breaking it down and also reducing puffiness and inflammation of gum tissues. Using mouthwash which reaches any places in mouth where toothbrush cannot reach is also recommended by Jablows. 

Jablows also cleared that teeth have pores like skin. When stains penetrate on teeth surface, they clog pores of teeth. The use of peroxide at home let your teeth breath. As peroxide comes in contact with your teeth, it is broken down in oxygen and water. The oxygen molecules assist in opening pores by penetrating deep in teeth tubes to eliminate teeth stains. She always suggests using toothpaste containing potassium nitrate and fluoride. Regularly brushing twice a day with the toothpaste containing either of two chemicals provides ongoing protection and gives you brighter smile.  

If you are not getting white teeth as you hoped after trying above mentioned tips then skip all things and invest in pro whitening treatment. In this professional teeth whitening the concentration of peroxide is between 25 and 35 and this process is speed up by UV light which activates components within whitening solution. The use of UV light in this procedure also reduces sensitivity. This treatment will help you to get 8 to 10 teeth shades whiter in session of 45 minutes.  

Eating and drinking also contributes a lot in teeth whitening and poor oral health. Elisa Mello suggests chewing sugar. By chewing sugar, there is decrease in xylitol that promotes salivary flows and cleanses your teeth by breaking down any remaining food particles in teeth. She also recommends eating crunchy fruits and vegetables like strawberry which naturally exfoliates your teeth. Strawberries contain scrubbing fibers and malic acid for breaking down stains. She suggests a valuable recipe for cleaning teeth which is crushing strawberries into fruit puree and rubbing this mixture on surface of teeth. 

Debra Glassman who is dentist of celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Leighton Meester says that fruits containing citric acids like lemon, grape fruit, orange should be strictly avoided. These fruits can erode enamel away.  After taking tea or coffee, must swish mouthwash which will remove any dark residue and keep it from building up and penetrating the teeth.

Here are some valuable tips suggested by celebrity dentists. These tips are the secrets behind the beautiful and brighter smile of your favorite celebrities.

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