Benefits of Positive Parenting

The coming of a child into this world is a wonderful experience that parents experience in their lives. In order to nurture and further bring the child up in a way that the child learns manners and good norms, the parents have to focus and work hard. No doubt the formative years are very important for such training which makes it possible to bring up the child in a way that the parents feel proud. In this connection the technique that is important is called positive parenting.

Specialist Psychologists state that there are three types of parenting. One type is the Authoritarian type. Other type of parenting can be permissive or authoritative. In the case of authoritarian type parents are not bothered about any kind of input from the child. They try to enforce very strict rules without taking the child into confidence.

Emphasis is placed on bad as opposed to good behavior and for any violation the punishment takes a severe form. What makes matters worse is that parents never compliment the child for good behavior and the resultant effect is that the child has a very low self-esteem. Another likelihood is that the child may turn out to be really aggressive in later party of their life.

In case of Permissive behavior, the tendency is that parents give the children a free hand. If the child does not follow the rules, the parents take no corrective step. There is ample  freedom for the child to follow the wrong way. As a result there is a possibility that the child may find it very difficult to follow the rules when they are in a different environment like a school. Parents fail to appreciate good behavior nor is there an effort to set bad behavior right. Every thing is left to the child.

As for Authoritative parenting, it is the parents who set the rules and also involve  the children in framing and setting of these rules. If the child behaves well, the parents reward it while in instances where the child does not behave, steps are taken to correct the situation and thereby prevent repercussions of bad behavior. The child’s behavior is monitored closely with the aim of picking up the good points and praising the child generously for good behavior as frequently as possible. One more feature of this is that parents communicate in a clear manner and tell the child what is expected with the aim of explaining the difference between good and bad.

It is clear from the above that authoritative parenting is an appropriate example of positive parenting. Under this form of parenting children grow up with features of good behavior ingrained in them, and as a result they have the ability to fit in any environment and perform extremely well in the tasks and assignments they undertake. In such children, really apparent are traits like honesty, respect, and integrity.

They are unlikely to break rules and regulations. Undoubtedly benefits of positive parenting are many, the most important been that parents manage to mould their children with the capacity to live up to their full potential and become respected members of society.

Given are the various ways and Advantages of Parenting towards a positive approach.

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