9 Favorite Things from Winter

Everyone have his/her own favorite things to enjoy in winter season. Here are my favorite foods from winter, one will surely yours favorite too.

Dry Fruits:

Winter is incomplete without dry fruits as these are gift of God for us in this season. They not only keep us warm but also prevent us from constipation, heart diseases and other such ailments. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, dates, pistachios, pine nuts, cashew nuts and raisins are commonly eaten dry fruits in Pakistan. They may eat separately as well as mixing with other cooked food.

Soups and Stocks:

Soups are approximately every ones favorite in Pakistan. In winter you may see stalls of chicken corn soup, vegetable soups everywhere on the streets. In home people made all kind of their own favorite soup either tomato soup, hot and sour, mushroom or cream soup or fish soup etc.  

People also like chicken or mutton stocks with add some desi spices in winter. Soup and stocks looks like sibling to each other. These are good to warm your body instantly, too much delicious, give you energy and clear your throats from cold and open your nose from flu.

Kashmiri Tea:

Kashmiri tea is quite refreshing, warm and tasty drink in winter season. Frankly, I love to attend weddings in winter just because of Kashmiri tea they served with almonds and pistachio. As it is quite time taking in making at home so people usually enjoy it from stalls, restaurants and weddings.

Fish and Prawns:

Fish and prawns are white meat which is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids which are really good for our heart. As they having lesser calories in them than any other meat that’s why they help to low cholesterol level. It helps to make our body warm. I love to eat fried fish and prawns with chutney of tamarind but people also enjoy fish curry with boil rice and pulao of prawns too.


Yummy sweet and sour oranges enjoying sitting under sun rays! How’s? Isn’t it mouth watering? Oranges are juicy, full of vitamin C which helps us to fight against cough, cold and flu. Oranges are limited favorite fruit of mine as mangos in summer. You can make orange cake with it, can energize yourself with its fresh juice or can just eat and enjoy.

Paya (Goat’s feet):

Paya is rich and warm dish people love to enjoy in winter. Although it is traditional breakfast dish in Pakistan but now a day’s people also eat them in lunch and dinner. People arrange paya parties in night and invite their relatives in winter season to enjoy all together. But as it is enriched with calories too, it is not good for heart patient if they eat them frequently.


Bar-B-Q is more fun to do in winter season. Sit near the Bar-B-Q stand, making body warm by roasting tikkas and botis. It gives amazing taste to food and it is also having lesser calories. This delicious food can enjoy with chutneys, ketchup and other dips. People also make and enjoy sajji, roasted lamb’s leg in winter.

Boiled Eggs:

An egg plays important part in making breakfast. Eggs are enriched with high protein; they keep our body warm and energetic. Although eggs are eaten in form of fry, half fry, omelet, curry but in winter people usually eat them in boil form with hot tea or coffee. One egg daily in winter is good and healthy for your body.

Coffee and Hot Chocolate:

As winter season starts, demand of coffee and hot chocolate gets increase. These warm and frothy hot drinks are very tasty and healthy in this season as it reduces stress, prevent from heart diseases and stomach disorder. Hot chocolate is very good for children before sleeping in winter. I think, I didn’t miss any favorite thing from winter. So you enjoy your winter with all above warm and tasty foods.

No one wants to come out of their warm bed and blankets until or unless they get attract to food which specially comes in winter season to warm up their body. Everyone loves to eat body warming food in this season.

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