7 Steps To Staying Healthy After Having A Baby

Yet a new mother must try to remain healthy after having children since she needs to be strong to both nurse a baby and sustain her own body at the same time.

Every woman undergoes revolutionary transformations throughout her pregnancy at the physical and emotional level. The rigours of having children leave her in a frail health. 

While she may find it difficult to stay on a nutritious diet, she has to follow strict medical guidelines so that her lifestyle doesn’t affect her body, still weak from childbirth. As a new parent, she should follow a diet only after proper consultation with her doctor and nutritionist. 

1. Nutritious diet

Nutritious diet for women

Since a newborn needs to be breastfed quite a number of times in a day, a mother’s diet often consists of balanced ingredients. A protein and energy rich diet along with special food supplements are also suggested by doctors. To keep up a healthy body and a healthy mind, a new mother must conform to proper dietary patterns to remain healthy after having children. 

2. Exercise and activities

Exercise for women

A stern exercise and hectic schedules are totally harmful to your health if you are a new mother. In any case, your body is still not in a position to tolerate the strain. Light freehand exercises and a bit of moving around are all that new mothers are advised. Ask for help when you have to lift something or climb the stairs. Distribute chores and errands and rest as long as long as you want. 

3. Trust the experts

Trust the experts

As long as a woman’s body does not return to a normal condition, she must continue with proper medication and therapies. It takes time for a body to adjust to new functions and lifestyle and that’s the reason a new mom should continue visiting her doctor at scheduled times to be in good health.

4. Breastfeed with care


A baby bonds with the mother when she nurses him/her. They develop a special relation and the newborn grows to depend on her for food and love. Since babies have a knack of waking up in the middle of the night or just when a tired mother decides to take rest, a new mom should try to build a fixed nursing schedule and feed the baby accordingly. She could stimulate milk production and soothe painful breasts by applying a hot press and wearing loose and comfortable clothes. 

5. Check your emotions

Check your emotions

Beside huge physical changes, a new mother finds herself engulfed in totally new and sudden emotions. She might experience sudden urges, cravings, depressions, anger, fear or low self-esteem. At such times, she must try thinking straight and understand that being a new mother is stimulating and challenging and can even be fun, if taken in the right spirit. She might seek professional help if she feels like it. 

6. Check your posture


Posture is one of the most important things a new mother should watch out for. Earlier, it was the baby bump, but now she has a little human to carry around and a correct posture is extremely vital. So ensure that you don't bend or slouch too much while carrying the baby around, as this may cause problems like backaches, stiff neck etc in the future. Also, even while standing, consciously try to keep your back straight and stand tall.

7. Check your water intake 

 water intake

We all know that our body is made of 70 percent water, and how important it is to stay hydrated at all times. And, staying hydrated becomes more significant when you are a new mother as it's only water that helps to repair tissues and organs and recover as soon as possible. So watch out on your water intake for a quick recovery. 

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