5 Reasons: Women should Perform Self – Breast Exam

When women are young they hardly see cancer as a threat. Most of the women are ignorant to the fact that they can have it any age. Breast Cancer has become very common in women these days.

The chances of having it at a younger age are low as compared to mid-age but that does not mean that there are no chances at all. Women should be aware of breast cancer at all times and ages in their lives. This is the reason why doctors recommend regular self-breast exam. Following are the reasons why this exam should be a part of women’s routine checkup.

  1. Other than certain types of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women of all ages. It is true that the risk factors increase on the basis of gender and growing old. But it is also true that it does not have an age boundary.
  2. Breast Cancer diagnosed in younger women is more severe and the chances of survival are very low. It is more fatal if you are diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. This is a very important reason why self-breast exam is recommended.
  3. Screening mammograms are recommended when women are in their 40 but the ironic part is that in young women it does not show till the time the cancer is in a later stage and is more crucial which can lower the chance of survival.
  4. Breast tissue are not as thick in younger women as in older women, hence the diagnosis becomes really difficult. This is why a self-breast exam is recommended when you are 20 so that women know what changes are occurring in their breasts and get familiar with them so that any change that takes place can be noticed.
  5. Another important reason for performing self-breast exam is that if you start doing this test at a younger age the chances for women to have it in a later stage are reduced.

In case women feel any change in their breasts it is highly recommended that they should visit a doctor for further checkup.

Breast cancer has become very common in women these days. It is advised to keep performing self-breast exam. A lot of times women are careless and it leads to a late diagnose and the chances of survival are very low by that time.

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